Globally, online shopping is a natural way of life and here in South Africa it is certainly on the rise. Now, thanks to the all-new Sofa Company, styling your home right from the comfort of your armchair is easier than ever. 

At Sofa Company, retro, classic and contemporary design sofas, armchairs and chaises longues of high quality are available at affordable prices and now you also have the opportunity to design your very own, unique scandi sofa in a five step system on their site.

Not only do they offer beautiful furniture, but also a beautiful online presence for you to scroll through and admire. Follow Sofa Company on Instagram here and become obsessed with scandi style.
Danish sofa style from the stylish team at @scandi_sofa_company

None of the furniture chains in Denmark wanted to take our designs, so we decided to prove them wrong, and began selling our furniture online – which has become a huge success.

To shop online visit or make an appointment to visit their showroom at Harrington House in Barrack Street, Cape Town.


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