How many times have you longed for the opportunity to read for pleasure? Well, with the summer holidays around the corner, you’ve no excuse! Dust off those bookshelves, dig into alternative worlds and universes and experience true relaxation this summer.

Here we give you the DECO team’s summer reads:

Bielle Bellingham, Editor

The News: A User’s Manual, Alain de Botton

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Why this read? The news is my daily bread and butter; I am indecently immersed in and fascinated by it. I am positively glued to my phone- a nasty habit that is starting to seriously offend my nearest and dearest. So I have to take charge and find out exactly what role and toll this addiction is having.

The News by Alain de Botton, one of all all-time-favourite authors, is ‘the ultimate manual for our news-addicted age’, it promises to ‘bring calm, understanding and a measure of sanity to our hourly interactions with the news machine.’ Quite a task, but I am all ears.

The author investigates 25 archetypal news stories – from an air crash to a murder, a celebrity interview to a political scandal – and asks pertinent questions like: ‘What makes the love lives of celebrities so interesting? Why is turbulence in far off lands often so… boring?’

Marushka Stipinovich, Art Director

Survival of the Beautiful – Art, Science and Evolution, David Rothenberg

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Why this read? This is something I have been trying to read for a while and will finally get to do in the Summer holidays!

‘David Rothenberg probes why animals, humans included, have an innate appreciation of beauty – and why nature is, indeed, beautiful’

Megan Schumann, Managing Editor

The Ground Beneath Her Feet, Salman Rushdie

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 Why this read? This book takes you on an incredible adventure, where you explore unchartered territory in a different time and place.

Danielle Le Chat, Online Editor

Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage, Haruki Murakami

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Why this read? This has been on my reading list for years and as a die hard Murakami fan, it’s just enough of the waiting game. As a lover of Magical Realism, Murakami is so brilliant in his ease of putting this often difficult genre into practice. Perfect for that pure holiday escapism.

 Sanri Pienaar, Decor Stylist

Lolita, Vladimir Nobokov

Emmanuel Polanco- Lolita 2
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Why this read? I should’ve read this about ten years ago! It’s one of those classic books you should read in your lifetime, and now is the time.

 Jessi Bell, Junior Designer

Yes Please, Amy Poehler

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Why this read? I’m interested in funny and powerful women and how they can change people’s perspectives (and also it was a gift from last year that I haven’t got to reading yet…).

Heidi Van Bergen, Junior Designer

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, Ken Kesey

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Why this read?

It’s one of my all time favourites, and an easy-to-read classic.

 Tatum Morley, Digital Intern

The Bang-Bang Club, Greg Marinovich and Joao Silva

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Why this read? The book is a gripping account of a group of four photographers who were active in the townships of South Africa towards the end of apartheid, especially between 1990 and 1994. I am reading the book because I am fascinated with history. The author also does such a phenomenal job of mixing history with the personal lives of the photographers. The book is an eye-opener because when one thinks of apartheid, one thinks of white against black. One does not consider the intricacies of the situation and the extreme violence that was occurring between many other groups, such as between Xhosa and Zulu groups who were vying for supremacy.

Cherise Minnaar, Editorial Intern

Watermelon, Marianne Keys

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Why this read? It’s a fun and light summer read, with that quirky sense of humour that Keyes is renowned for – and this is her debut! I’m so very excited to read it.


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