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If you follow us on Instagram, you would have noticed that every once in a while we hand over our account to some of our favourite Instagrammers. If you don’t follow us, you better get on that but for now, take a look at what to expect here…

Emma Jane Menteath is the author and founder behind the blog, My Life in Pink. She caught our eye when posting dreamy images from her trips around Greece and London, and of course her stylish outfits have got us envious too. We asked Emma to take us around London on our Instagram account and so the wonderful journey began. You can see it here.

We caught up with this model/stylist/business major to find out what makes her tick…


The real life of a blogger is…

…is entirely what you make it. It’s important to make your own decisions. Keeping a blog going takes a lot of hard work and the constant creation of new ideas and articles, so it’s important to be something that you ‘live’ and is truly you. I made the choice this year to keep My Life in Pink as a hobby rather then go full time with it as it was starting to feel like the blog was loosing it’s authenticity. I want it to be a space to create beautiful imagery and stories rather then an online hub of five articles a week of mediocre quality.


Who are your style inspirations?

My fashion style inspirations are definitely Alexa Chung, Victoria Beckham and the Olsen Twins. As far as inspirational style influences I would have to say Caroline de Maigret (author of How to Be Parisian) and Italian-Greek interior designer Brigitta Spinocchia Freund.


What food trends are you following?

Does missioning around London looking for the best brunch every Sunday count? I don’t really follow food trends, for me it’s more about seeking about brilliant chefs and beautifully plated meals. It’s all about the enjoyment.



Pinterest being our friend and all, what have you been pinning lately?

I recently spent 10 days sailing around Greece visiting various islands, so I’ve been pinning a lot of boho inspired beach fashion, clear blue waters and coastal homes and their interiors. Oh and lots wicker baskets! I guess you could say I am in denial about returning from holiday.


We loved your takeover of our Instagram account, describe life in London

London’s a strange one. You love it, then you hate it. The trick with London is to truly immense yourself into the city. Don’t hang out in same area’s too often, head North for breakfast one day, then head South for dinner the next. Keep a lookout for cool events happening around the city. Timeout is great for that and there’s a lot of free options if budget is tight. Last week we packed a picnic basket and headed down to Canary Wharf to listen to the London Philharmonic Orchestra preform Beethoven’s 5th.

If you can, travel. London is pretty close to everything and there’s some amazing deals. We found flights to Copenhagen for £10! Open SkyScanner and leave your “to” destination blank, enter your dates and see what pops up. It’s kind of like throwing a dart at the map and saying “We going here!”.

London is full of incredible opportunities and if you ambitious it’s a great place to be. Things happen here.

Who should we follow on Instagram?

@MaisonNue have an incredible account, they an all girl creative studio in Paris. Also @SomewhereIWouldLikeToLive if you’re into architecture and interiors and @SomewhereIWouldLikeToGo for travel porn. Lastly I love @MajaWyh for a great mix of fashion and art.

Advice you would give to your younger self?

Don’t over save your money. Use it to travel. Don’t get me wrong, saving your money is important but being a freelancer I become so nervous about my next paycheque that I was forgetting to live and experience. Putting part of my money towards traveling has been the best thing I have ever done. It provides you with a wealth of inspiration that otherwise remains unlocked.




Latest or greatest project you worked on recently?

Honestly the greatest project I’ve been working on lately is myself. I recently turned 25 and moved to London and suddenly starting questioning myself: “Who am I?”  “What am I doing? “What do I want to do?”…

So I’ve been making a daily effort to not only write down my thoughts but to also acknowledge things that I am grateful for and opportunities. When you remember to be grateful you begin to live in the present and it’s almost as though the universe acknowledges you and throws a bunch of great things your way.


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