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Kim Van Vuuren is a multi-disciplinary designer based in Cape Town, who has been on our radar for quite some time now. We love her sophisticated and minimalist style, and caught up with her on life as a freelance designer and some of her inspirations.

Describe your thought process behind creating an official brand out of yourself as a designer.

Its been almost two years since I left a 9-5 job. During this time I have been extremely motivated to establish myself, and my work. As soon as I started gaining more clients, and working on different types of projects, my style definitely developed in a certain direction. It was a natural progression towards identifying what sort of designer I am, and specifically what sort of work/clients I would want to attract going forward. One thing is for sure, I am incredibly humbled to be where I am right now.



Who are your style inspirations?

There are so many designers who’s style inspires me! But If I had to choose a person at this point in time it would probably be Scandinavian Designer and Art Director, Michael Thorsby.  I am also a big fan of Vicky Gonzales and Ivan Garcia. They are the founders of Futura, a Design Agency based in Mexico.


What food trends are you following this Winter, and what is your comfort food of choice?

Mexican! This winter has been all about punchy Latin American flavors. Chillies, fresh herbs and tons of fresh lime! My comfort food has been, and will always remain fresh avocado drenched in salt, pepper and vinegar.

When clients approach you for any sort of job, what is the desired feeling you would want to create for them?

It really depends on the brand. When I’m creating an identity, the overall feeling I would want to create is trust and enthusiasm. Emotional triggers play such a huge role in the success or failure of a brand. Its my job to convey the brands unique personality.



Pinterest being our friend and all, what have you been pinning lately?

I enjoy spending some time on my interior/home inspiration board, but I’m not that great at remembering to pin things! Internally I prefer to use my Behance account for design collections and Trello for creating mood boards and style guides.

What inspired your #DECOtakeover?

Cape Town in Winter. The smell of wet earth on the mountain, and fog in Sea Point is my utmost favorite part of the season. I wanted to share this feeling with the viewers. Cape Town is so beautiful, there’s inspiration everywhere. Its so great to see more graphic designers being recognized as a great deal of work goes into creating Identities –  I was very grateful to share my passion with your followers.


How did you come to meet/work with the interesting people you mentioned in the takeover?

The great thing about growing up in Cape Town CBD is all the creative people I have met along the way. Honestly, word of mouth and networking is the best tool for being a successful Designer. Most of the individuals mentioned in my take over are the people who, through networking, I have had the privilege of working with and who have greatly inspired me.

Who are your people to follow Instagram?

I follow so many designers, artist and agencies on Instagram. Its hard to pick one I think you should follow.
For travel and beauty – @frecklesnur, design – @StudioSPGD / @blondcreative and for interior – @Simple.Form

Latest or greatest project you did recently? Just a round up of what you have enjoyed most…

The latest project I’ve worked on is the identity creation for The Shortmarket Club. Its whimsical, modern, opulent and slightly mysterious. Currently I am working on a new project for Yelda Bayraktar, keep an eye open for the launch of her new brand coming soon.


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