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Mixing up tiles in the bathroom

DECO speaks to John Almon of The Tile House to find out what’s trending when it comes to tiling. Apart from a grey colour palette being the key connection here, there are many other points to follow to ensure an effective, trending space.

For your bathroom … mix it up! Combine marble tiles with mosaic, metallic or soft patterns. Trying different patterns and colours create a detail that’s both interesting and trendy. Even using contrasting tiles for your floor and walls, such as metro wall tiles with stone or porcelain tiles on the floor, has become a popular trend and enhances a romantic synergy.  The bathroom is a space that also offers the opportunity to mix different textures on the same wall.

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Contrasting tiles for your floor and walls


If the walls could talk, they would shriek with excitement at the latest trends in tilling. From plain terracotta with patterns and hexagons, to traditional clay in modern soft colours, we are seeing almonds, greys and cement tones making a come-back.

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Cement tones making a come-back

Hexagons are also offering us more options, but not your typical hexagon. Look out for macro and micro sizes or irregular cut-outs, in a variety of designs like marble, wood and brick. Probably one of the biggest current trends, the traditional hexagon shape can suite wall or floors and you can find so many different sizes, patterns to make a stylish effect. DECO loves the Portuguese and Moroccan designs that often come through.

“Decorative tiles and feature tile areas are also being seen often. We suggest choosing patterned tiles with subtle colours for a contemporary yet retro influence. Expressive prints inspired by fabric, nature, cultural cues and even origami are lighting up interiors.”

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Large format and decorative tiles are trending

In terms of sizes there is a huge amount of people experimenting with large format tiles. New sizes that have been presented are 1600mm x 3200mm, 1200mm x 2400mm, 1000mm x 3000mm and 1200mm x 1200mm, to name a few. It is incredible to see stone and marble tiles being produced in such large formats and it’s fantastic to see manufacturing technology showing such advancements.

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Compiled by Megan Schumann

Images and information from www.thetilehouse.co.za