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Stand a chance to win a luxurious mid-week getaway for you and a partner courtesy of one of Cape Town’s most opulent hotels, The Last Word Long Beach.

Elle Decoration

With breakfast and transfers to and from the airport included, excluding flights, this is a perfect, and well-deserved, break from the hustle and the bustle of the city.

Apart from relaxing in luxurious, understated extravagance – as close to the water’s edge as you can get in the quaint fishing village of Kommetjie in the Western Cape – The Last Word Long Beach offers elegant, homely surroundings; uninterrupted, panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean; and a picturesque 30-minute scenic drive from Cape Town.

All six stylish rooms are sea and mountain facing. Leisurely walks and horse riding along the 8km stretch of fine-white beach sand, township tours, baboon walks, lighthouse tour, walking trails, marine bird watching, Chapman’s Peak drive, Cape Point Nature Reserve, Cape Point Vineyards and whale watching are among the activities the area offers.

Elle Decoration

 There’s a certain magic in this hidden gem on the southern tip of Africa – it’s where memories are made.

 For further details visit: www.thelastword.co.za / email: info@thelastword.co.za / phone: 021 794 6561.


  • Validity is until September 30, 2015; excluding weekends and public holidays
  • Extras such as alcoholic beverages, imported non-alcoholic beverages, laundry, phone calls, and any other additional expenses will be for the winner’s account to be settled on departure
  • The prize is subject to availability and is not transferable or redeemable for cash

To enter follow Elle Decoration (@ELLE_Deco) on Twitter and comment below telling us why The Last Word Hotel would be the perfect mid-week getaway for you and a partner. Competition closes on March 31st.


  1. Between our first home and first baby on the way the only vacation we get will be, if we win it! Besides, we haven’t been to CT and I’m certain The Last Word Long Beach will make it an unforgettable experience. 🙂

  2. Late night studies and hard work is building up. Need to unwind and de-stress with my beautiful fiancée. This looks like the perfect place.

  3. A mid week break to The Last Word Long Beach hotel from the hustle and bustle of the Jhb City would be an absolute dream. Need some relation and quality time with my partner.

  4. Conveniently situated and perfect for a short break The Last Word Hotel offers a tranquil and relaxing stay in luxury and style. Just what we need to recharge ourselves! Love the activities on offer and being close to the ocean and nature!

  5. The Last Word Hotel would be an ideal midbreak for me and my new found love to bond and enjoy the luxury and comfort this hotel offers,

  6. This would be the perfect getaway for hubby and myself as we havent been able to spend time away for by ourselves for a while coz he works most wknds.would b awesome to spend time away before all the big changes in our lives happen.

  7. Heard so much about this gorgeous hotel, would love to take my wife and distress there with her.

  8. I would really appreciate a much needed break as I only came out of Hospital to-day had a growth removed that was encroaching on my Caratoid Artery.

  9. My wife and I will be celebrating ten years next year. Anything that will make us intimate yo one another in view of the milestone’s achievement will be valued and appreciated. we could NOT even afford a honeymoon back then, this is ideally welcome!

  10. Who would not appreciate a midweek break, and being close to the sea and nature is just what we need to feel as if we are “away from it all”, even though town is close by. This break would help us to face the rest of 2015.

  11. I am a little concerned about Lois Carol Wessels – never heard of a Caratoid artery…you better have that investigated? I think you mean carotid artery.

  12. With both hubby and myself working shifts on a daily basis and yes, even weekends and recently also having to move house, we could really do with some alone time to de-stress and unwind in this serene, intimate setting.

  13. Hubby and I need a break away together as our life is work work work. Some down time is needed.

  14. bothme and fiance sharing same birthday, we actual met a day before Valentines day 5 years ago, so it would be lovely to be away from all the stress and demanding lives.

  15. My man is turning 30 soon & I can’t think of a better way to spoil him than with this getaway….would be a perfect gift & just what we need, a little break away together!:)

  16. I just wish everyone good luck, we all have our amazing stories and needs for this epic getaway…..for me, me and my partner haven’t been on a romantic weekend for a long time, work purposes, financial reasons have kept us back so to win this, would be perfect.
    Good Luck everyone

  17. I would love to be able to experience such an incredible venue as the Last Word Long Beach and in such an amazing spot Really needing to feel like a million dollars and I know this break would 🙂

  18. wow, this would be a best place for me and my hubby to be alone, being able to plan our future away from the kids and forget about other troubles.

  19. If I win – you will make myself and my husband two very happy people. I will be happy that my husband gets a break from his long, crazy, stressful working hours – working in most of Cape Town’s State Hospital Emergency Departments – this gift would refresh and rejuvenate him to continue doing the work he loves.

  20. Life has been a rollercoaster ride even since the birth of my twins 2 years ago, hubby also works out of town so there’s very little time to bond and keep the relationship going,we are also so tired and in need of a pamper,wine & dine upto no good relaxing holiday 🙂

  21. Wow, to be able to get away from the stress! I started up my own business and its taking its toll. We work hard during the summer months and winter is when we get to take a break, I would use this getaway to rest up properly and re-charge for the hopefully busy silly season that awaits me and my new venture Summer time.

  22. I would love to win a mid week break in this beautiful hotel in a magical city to escape the every day routine, with my hubby to rest, relax & re charge…What’s more beautiful than those beautiful picturesque views, indeed solace…sipping cocktails, being in touch with nature, surrounded by such gorgeous views….

  23. It will be a huge treat for me and my husband as we are celebrating our 40th anniversary this year!!!

  24. Looks incredible and my resolution for 2015 was to have more holidays. I work too much. This would help that resolution to be kept 🙂

  25. A holiday its a wish and a dream. Each time you see friends and family going away for holidays you tell yourself your turn will come and keep hoping for the opportunity to rise or miracles. Number 2 I have never been to cape town. 😊

  26. Would be an ideal way too spend some time with my partner a mid week holiday #NoPeekSeason before he deploys to Congo for a Year #SolidersGirl 😊

  27. It’s going take me at least 20 more years to be able to afford to go to a place like this, so it would be a dream if you were able to fast-forward the process 🙂
    Smiles and gratitude abound! I would also love to be able to give this gift to my partner, who deserves the world.

  28. The Last Word Long Beach Hotel has the most amazing views in Cape Town. Just the luxury of seeing and hearing the ocean would make me calm and relaxed and ready for the next 3/4’s of the year! Amazing place. Amazing treat!

  29. Relaxing in style, having a view of the ocean and the sounds of the waves. Calming, bonding time with my husband would be amazing. I can get this all at the amazing The Last Word Long Beach.

  30. Hubby and I need a breakaway from the kiddies (boy of 10 and twin boys of 2). We’ve just moved house and we’ve bearly been there for a week and they broke in yesterday. The Last Word Long Beach is so close to the calming water’s edge we’d probably spend most of the time just admiring the view and reconnecting with each other.
    I’ve heard about the amazing spread for breakfast and I’m so happy that breakfast is included – what a treat it will be for us to have breakfast together without the interruption of kiddos.

  31. Its my wife’s birthday on the 28th of March. We got married on the 6th January and unfortunately couldn’t afford a honeymoon. The Last Word Long Beach will be the ideal venue for a mini honeymoon for us. To reconnect over the breathtaking view away from the hustle and bustle of our daily life.

  32. I mean… Look at it, I feel more relaxed just looking at these pictures! A midweek break here would make me feel like I’ve been away on holiday for a month!

  33. This would be the perfect treat for my boyfriend and I as he has been working nights for the past few months and that contract finally comes to an end this month so we can finally have our evenings back together!

  34. I believe my good luck angels are near to me, because we all deserve a great mid-week break especially at a place like that!!!
    Total relaxation

  35. I seriously need a mid week break before my final stretch of exams (May) before finishing my Economics degree. This mid-week break would be so amazing for both my partner and I as we both desperately need the break to destress and enjoy life.

  36. Hubby and work from Monday – Sunday 7 days a week, need a break away together as his life is work work work. Since his Birthday is on the way this would be a perfect gift. Some down time is needed.

  37. Hubby work from Monday – Sunday 7 days a week, need a break away together as his life is work, work, work. Since his Birthday is on the way this would be a perfect gift. Some down time is needed.

  38. The Last Word Long Beach some its up in all IT HAVE IT ALL – No crowds. No queues. Just peace…..and time….. and space. To be shaped as is your pleasure. JUST WANT WE NEED AS A FAMILY, WHAT A WONDERFUL PRICE!

  39. I would LOVE to win a mid week break in such a beautiful picturesque surroundings, to relax, recharge & live in a little bit of haven with my hubby to escape the usual monotonous routine of life…..It would be life to the soul..:-)

  40. Living in Joburg explains it all! Would love a midweek break to be caressed by Kommetjie’s calm and tranquil setting 🙂

  41. I would love to treat my wife to this amazing getaway in this little piece of paradise, as she is the kindest soul I have ever known. We have a son who is Autistic and I sometimes wonder how this woman maintains her smile each day, even though I know she has pain that wells deep in her heart. She is the most selfless human being I have ever come across and she is a pillar of strength for many people including myself. My wife hasn’t spoilt herself in a very long time and I know that she would appreciate just relaxing at this gorgeous retreat with a delicious sundowner. Yes, the most simplest pleasures can recharge the mind,body and soul! She had to give up her day job to homeschool our son and guess what, he is really thriving! Our 10 year anniversary is coming up soon and I know that this angel would really appreciate this awesome prize! It will be a small token of my admiration that I have for this remarkable woman who inspires me each and every day!

  42. I recently suffered from the loss of my partner of almost 40 years. Its funny as we first met in Cape Town so this gorgeous place is quite symbolic for me. My partner passed away whilst we were in Cape Town and his ashes were scattered in the Atlantic ocean. I felt at peace as he always wanted to move to the Cape and he enjoyed swimming(yes swimming!) in the azure seas. As the one year anniversary of his passing approaches , I want to visit Cape Town so badly so that I can be one with Nature and find peace at the same time. I can imagine sipping on some tea as I watch the water sparkle with the rays of the sun. I know that I will be overwhelmed by a sense of peace and will feel my partners spirit with me.

  43. Dont think there are any words that can discribe why I would love to win this amazing midweek break. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Just look at that amazing view 🙂 Need I say more!!!

  44. The Last Word Hotel would be the perfect mid-week getaway for my fiance and I after our wedding celebrations next month. We are definitely going to need a break! Please send us!

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