WIN a Totem Teepee with ELLE Decoration
WIN a Totem Teepee for endless wintertime indoor adventures | Photo © Justin Patrick

As our brand new Winter Issue hits the shelves today, we are thrilled to bring you another #DECOKID feature and exciting competition. Find out how to turn those chills into thrills with your kids this winter, in true DECO style.

Elle Decoration SA
Totem Teepees are available in a wide variety of styles for boys & girls | Photo © Justin Patrick

To celebrate winter with #DECOKID, you stand the chance to WIN this gorgeous Totem Teepee!  It’s the perfect inspiration for indoor adventures when it’s too cold to go outside. We are a huge fan of the Totem Teepee range as they come in so many different fabrics to suit every little character.



1) Read our #DECOKID feature on page 51 of our new Winter issue.

2) Comment below telling us which is your favourite item on that page
for keeping your little one warm this winter.

Competition ends 19 July 2015. Winners are notified privately.
For more information on Totem Teepees please email them


ELLE Decoration Winter 102 June 2015

The Winter edition of ELLE Decoration South Africa is on shelves at your nearest magazine retailer now. Packed with stylish ways to hibernate this winter, it’s full of all your favourite features, décor tips and tricks plus brand new pages, including DECO Read, DECO Kid and DECO Grow. Pick up your copy today for the most stylish winter yet and tell us what you think on Twitter @ELLE_Deco. #winteriscoming #Winter102


  1. My toddler loves stars (“sterre” as he calls it) so would love the star cushion and of course the Totem Teepee to keep him warm this winter.

  2. The calico Totem Teepee, the colour is perfect, it can fit into any spot in the house for a fun night adventure.

  3. It’s so tough as everything on this page is too amazing! The Totem TeePee is definitely the best, the Rock-a-bye baby rock sheep is also so precious! But the Totem TeePee it is! Perfect for my little one to cuddle in and feel adventurous and silly! Holding thumbs!

  4. The Totem Range is fabulous – every kids dream….My fave is obviously the Totem tepee – hours of fun in that….love it #Fab Giveaway#Totem tepee#Elle Decor

  5. Love the DecoKid feature in your mag! Everything on the page is beautiful! But to keep warm, I’d have to say the Totem TeePee for my 20 month old twin boys to snuggle in together. And if I add one of those fluffy Hertex blankets they’d sure be nice and toasty!

  6. My favourite is the Totem TeePee can just imagine the games my Lil tots will be playing… Plus I find it to be perfect for any location in the house. #winteriscoming #Winter102

  7. Would totes love the Totem TeePee for my twin daughters, would make play time so much more fun for those stormy winter days 😀

  8. My 3&6 year old girls would go crazy for a cozy nook like the totem teepee, perhaps a security blanket inside it too!!

  9. So many Awesome things and just like everyone else I love The Totem TeePee but I just adore the Rock-A-Bye Baby and the Hertex Blankies just look so soft and cuddly, think they will be perfect gifts for my friends that are expecting! And I am downloading the OBaby App 🙂

  10. I wish I had a totem teepee growing up! As a kid, I used to put a blanket between two chairs to make a ‘tent’. I would love my daughter, Sofia Grace to have her own cosy hideaway!

  11. I’ve always loved the actual Teepee tents as you can even make a fire in them but for the little ones this would be the pinnacle!! For any snug occasion this would be an absolute treat!!

  12. My two year old just want to build tents and houses using everything she can find. She cannot wait for summer to sleep outside. So yes, the TOTEM TEEPEE is a fantastic option for “winter camping” in the lounge!


  14. Pooh that’s so tough but will have to say Totem TeePee and I’ve been eyeing one on Pinterest for so long–my 2year old loves story time…this would be perfect for him!!!

  15. Awww… That Totem Teepee is just the bee’s knees! .. Oh, and the star cushion… and… and …

  16. Definitely the totem teepee. Am redoing my daughters room and would love love love to have one to complete the look x

  17. Definitely the totem teepee. My granddaughter aged 4, loves books, and this would be her perfect private hideaway in her bedroom to page through her books.

  18. I have been eyeing a Totem Teepee for ages. This white one is stunning, perfect for my minimalist decor 🙂 My 13th month old daughter would love it!
    I also adore the Hertex blankets. They are perfect for a cuddle in the mis weather we are having. xo

  19. Absolutely loooove the Totem Teepee! Would be such a great addition to our kids’ bedroom and I just know they’d have hours of fun playing with it, especially now when it’s so cold and the kids need to be indoors. Great competition!

  20. Most definitely the totem teepee… LOVE LOVE the calico fabric version… All Totem teepees are stunning but this colourway is extremely versatile & would fit easily into any room in the house & make a statement… It would transform any room to a fun and young hearted living area…. My children would adore & spend countless hours in it having magical teaparties with teddies, pretend campfires or just cosying up in snug blankets reading exciting stories…. What a stylish way to hibernate – after all “winter is coming!!!!””” Thank you Elle Decor for your new & exciting additions to your magazine…. I adore your magazine.

  21. The gorgeous Totem Teepee definitely gets my vote!! I’d chuck some cushions in there and my son would have such fun. So stylish and chic too.

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