One lucky ELLE Decoration reader stands a chance to win a Hansgrohe Classic Raindance Shower Rose valued at R10 000 from South African bathroom supplier ON TAP. Refresh your bathroom with a luxury rain shower, without increasing your carbon footprint.

Hansgrohe Shoerhead

Have you ever been caught in one of South Africa’s famous spring showers? Embraced in the warm rain that leaves you refreshed and invigorated? Now imagine waking up to that incredible sensation every morning or basking in it night before bed.

You can with ON TAP and Hansgrohe. The Hansgrohe Classic Raindance is a beautifully engineered 300mm diameter wall mounted overhead shower. Hansgrohe remains to be at the forefront of innovation and technology in the plumbing and bathroom world. Any Hansgrohe product is a welcome addition to any bathroom.

The Raindance is not only an exquisite shower head it is also environmentally-friendly. Maximise your shower pleasure without increasing your carbon footprint. With this shower technology, Hansgrohe mixes water with air, and you feel pleasantly sparkling AirPower all over your skin.

As water enriched with air makes the droplets plumper, lighter and softer. This means you use your water more efficiently, and it looks stunning in your bathroom too.


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2. Comment below and tell us why you deserve to win this prize.

This competition closes on 16th October 2015. Winners will be notified via email.

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  1. As a final year student trying to get my foot out the door and start my new life, this beautiful product would be such a treat in my own little nest! (:

  2. My Shower, My Sanctuary. There is nothing more rewarding than a hot shower after a long day of teaching. With the Hansgrohe Classic Raindance Shower Rose I can transform showering time into a mini spa treatment!

  3. OH HOW I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!!!! We’re building a new home and basically have no more extra moolah for luxuries like this. I need to shower under this beautiful showerhead for years to come, to release the stress that comes with building a house. pwetty pleeeease!!! LOVE Hansgrohe and LOVE Elle Decor!!!!!!!

  4. Such an amazing prize to soothe away my stresses of the day and tired muscles because with three busy boys my muscles are always sore.

  5. Oh wow, ive got a newborn, so for me taking a shower is my little break in the evening when hubby is home to watch the baby for a bit!! Our shower is so old and the water kinda sprays all over, would absolutely love one that not only works better, but that looks good too!!

  6. I’m currently busy with renovations which will include a bathroom with a shower and this will be the perfect shower head to win for my bathroom

  7. We are trying to “mordenize” the house an the Lady of the House” – (my wife Joyce) ALWAYS drills it throw my ears. Out with old, in with the NEW. FINISH & KLAAR (as someone said and then went to jail, later)!

  8. I gotta admit a R10,000 showerhead is excessive by any standards, but the joy of standing under my own simulated rain shower is too seductive to ignore. I’d love to experience that under the Hansgrohe Classic Raindance showerhead.
    And if I win, whether or not you receive pics of my joy is up to you.

  9. We are renovating our bathroom and the shower really good do with a new shower head, ours is horrible, I love a shower and haven’t had one in years because I just hate our shower it is so ugly! It is not refreshing at all, just depressing! Following on twitter @anitasteenkamp1

  10. Hi would like to win this price, we are still busy with the house so we need to complete one bathroom still and this would be perfect

  11. I have never taken a R10 000 shower…can’t imaging taking one every night. Oh well you know what they say ” When it rains, it pours”

  12. I deserve this prize because our shower head is pathetic. It is so teeny tiny. My poor hubby who is a rather big guy has to bend underneath it. I would love to feel like I am having a pampering spa shower in my own home!

  13. Why is the bathroom the last room one thinks of renovating? Ours is an 80’s classic…need we say more! But this shower-head from Hansgrohe would definitely add a touch of wow..and my shower would be bliss with air and water technology rather than fits and starts as it is at present 🙂

  14. Our new development definitely requires a fancy shower head , so shower time can be an enjoyable & comfortable cleaning experience , currently I hate taking a shower as our shower head is merely less than a water can . So one can imagine how disastrous washing my hair in the shower can be .

  15. My Fiance and I are finally moving into our own “happy place” which we cant wait to call home. The shower head is however really old in our bathroom and sometimes its easier to just remove the shower head and shower with the stream of water than actually try enjoy the trickles that are coming from it… a new shower head would be a wonderful gift for me to give my hubby to be

  16. I really deserve this prize, I have resigned from my job due to stress and need a bit of hot water in my life 🙂

  17. I believe that I deserve to win this amazing prize because my present shower head is well ‘past its sell-by date” and has become very ‘erratic’ of late! The state of the art Hansgrohe Classic Raindance showerhead ticks all the boxes for me being perfectly functional, aesthetically beautiful and eco friendly – PERFECTION!

  18. Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head
    I may be the girl whose feet are too big for her bed
    But using a Hansgrohe Classic Raindance Shower Rose
    Will keep raindrops fallin’ on my head
    Keep a-fallin’
    (With apologies to Burt Bacharach)

  19. We had just a standard bath tub and recently added a half shower door on the bath tub but still have a very outdated hand shower so the The Hansgrohe Classic Raindance mounted overhead shower will be perfect combination with the new half shower door.

  20. We are in the process of revamping our house from bottom to top. I created my inspiration boards for each room and a HANSGROHE showerhead made it on. I would love to have an amazing showerhead to go into my new sanctuary.

  21. I would like to win so I can have more stay over visits from my family.. A shower in my home with this exquisite piece will make them want to be over all the time! And right now we have so little of that 🙁

  22. Have you ever taken a shower it felt like something is stinging you, the head is so wrong it feels like you should bath again, we need a new shower head. What best gift can one have, except the best Hansgrohe………………………

  23. My bathroom will look super cool with this awesome cool shower head!! I need seriously needs this awesome prize to spice up my life and bathroom!!

  24. I don’t have a shower, only a bath. Maybe if I can win this awesome shower head, I can have a shower fitted in my bathroom. Thanks for this great opportunity to enter your competition 🙂

  25. The shower is my 10 minute daily vacation
    It does not dare to frown
    It stops all of my frustration
    And it knows just how to calm me down.

  26. I would love to win this shower head as we have just moved into a new apartment and the showerhead we currently have is sooooo old school; cheap easy design. I am also very conscious about how our everyday living affects the environment. This ansgrohe Classic Raindance Shower Rose will not only make shower time unbelievable but I can enjoy it with the peace of mind that the designer has the environment in mind when creating such brilliant pieces. Please choose me 😀

  27. I recently bought a house and it came with a plain, boring bathroom. I want to renovate it but it is quite a costly project. Winning this prize will definitely put me one step closer to having the bathroom of my dreams. I would really love to win this prize!

  28. Hansgrohe has the best bathroom products. All our bathrooms and kitchen taps are Hansgrohe! Life long products.

  29. We have just bought a heritage house that needs A LOT of work. We need all the help we can get… and it will all seem more manageable if we can start the day with a good shower!

  30. We have an old house that we are slowly renovating. I would love a new shower head as we use our shower every day! #houserenovation

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