WIN a BELLA ice cream maker with Elle DECO

If a delicious ice-cream is the perfect accessory to quell the extreme temperatures on a hot summer’s day, we at have just the prize for you here at DECO. Stand a chance to be one of our EIGHT lucky readers to win a 1-litre Bella ice-cream maker worth R590 each.


Elle Decoration - Bella

BELLA has officially launched in South Africa so you can now own your very own BELLA product. BELLA products reflect the ever-changing world around us. As a lean, mean, well-oiled machine, they are able to bring new products to life, fast and at reasonable prices. That’s how they contemporise the home and people’s lives. BELLA is not just about great products but about having fun in the kitchen!

Elle Decoration - Bella

With your new BELLA ice cream maker, you can make a batch of your favourite flavour in 30 minutes or less, simply by adding ingredients and switching it on. Plus, its dishwasher-safe parts make the clean-up a breeze. We all scream for ice-cream!

To enter:
1) Follow us on Instagram (@Elle_deco)
2) Leave a comment below telling us: what is your favourite aspect of summer and why?

Competition closes April 30th 2015. To view other BELLA products visit or follow BELLA on Twitter @BellaLifeSA.


  1. Summer is amazing. I love the smell of the fresh ocean breeze, or freshly cut lawn. I love the happy vibe that summer brings. I love eating ice-cream and sipping on ice cold juice. Summer is my favourite season.

  2. Summer time is holiday time, quality time with family, fun in the sun, swim and lots and lots of ice cream.

  3. I love the heat of the sun in the morning… it cheers my up and starts my day off perfectly

  4. Summer time means fun in the sun. Long walks on the beach & sipping cocktails. Summer is the season I fall in love with! My entire menu changes … more easy going casual salads so that the chef has more time to enjoy an ice cold cider or
    an ice cream cone!

  5. The fact that i can express myself fully with my clothing and the length of time ity is to be out!

  6. No doubt cold creamy ice-cream and milkshakes have to be top of my chart for hot summer days. Making my own flavor combinations would be amazing, I could even be sneaky and add some liqueurs for extra special occasions:)

  7. My favourite aspect of summer are long hot evenings in the sun with a chilled glass of wine, friends visiting and then a walk on the beach to round things off. Would have to finish off with home made ice-cream but that goes without saying.

  8. My favourite aspect of summer is the fact that its a versetile season, it could be cold and hot. It rains and I stay cozy indoors. When its hot I will be out and about dressed in shorts and summer dresses as well as swimming.I could indulge in my fave dessert and ice creams throughout the day.

  9. that the sun is sometimes shining at 4.30am in the morning and it indicates rise and shire with the chirping of the birds

  10. Early summer mornings in the Boland….throwing the windows open, sitting on the stoep, breathing in the new day.

  11. I love that in Summer the sun rises early and sets late. I love the smell of flowers when the sun intensifies their fragrance. I love that in summer I can wear sun dresses and flip-flops and drink long cocktails with ice.

  12. I love that in Summer the sun rises early and sets late. I love the smell of flowers when the sun intensifies their fragrance. I love that in summer I can wear sun dresses and flip-flops and drink long cocktails with ice. I love that we can have pool parties and braais every night.

  13. Warm, balmy nights, and the sudden thunder storms in Jhb and of course yummy ice cream to cool us off !

  14. Following 🙂 the best part of summer for me is pool parties, braai’s, going to the beach, not having to wear your entire wardrobe all at once to keep warm, ice cold cocktails!!! And ofcourse froyos, sorbets, gelatos and ice creams 😀

  15. The best part of summer for me is pool parties, braai’s, going to the beach, not having to wear your entire wardrobe all at once to keep warm, ice cold cocktails!!! And ofcourse froyos, sorbets, gelatos and ice creams 😀

  16. Fun Sunny days at the beach with family, swimming pool, cocktails and off course dont forget the ice cream. yummy

  17. Summer is brighter, warmer and just “friendlier” . Can spend more time outdoors, share braais with friends and have lazy weekends by the sea….and enjoy food, wine and ice-cream treats no matter our age 😉

  18. Where to start? Early sunrises and late sunsets. Ice cream without guilt. Sundowners. Flip flops on the beach. And all the delicious fruit.

  19. I love summer. Always have. As a child, I loved the warmth and the freedom and the fireflies. As a teenager, I loved the freedom from school and the long, lazy days spent by the pool. In my youth, summer always symbolized freedom. Summer is freeing. There is more time (longer days!) and more happiness (how hard it is for me to be sad when the sun is shining!). There is tanned skin and sun-kissed hair. There is warmth and joy and a slowness that calms everyone just a little bit. Summer is Time for an adventure/ time to relax. Time for ice cream and frozen yogurt, night walks after the sun goes down, flip flops and bare feet, sun rises and sun sets, afternoon naps, watermelon and strawberries and blueberries, tank tops, sun dresses.. I Live in a bathing suit, paint my nails bright orange and bask in the sun! Neon colors, outdoor concerts, beach chairs, iced coffee, sand in my toes, 8pm runs, and big sunglasses! There’s nothing quite like summertime foods to remind me of how great summer is. There are certain things I love to eat during the summer that I rarely have any other time of the year — watermelon, corn on the cob, and fruit salad being three of my favourite. Life’s too short not to enjoy the beautiful season of summer.

  20. Taking my two fur kid’s to the beach makes my summer just perfect…….long runs on the beach followed by a picnic (without too much sand in the wine glass lol)………
    I love just seeing them run and play ….

  21. Love summer because I get to have fun in the sun with my family and make all sorts of refreshing treats to cool us down.

  22. I love summer as we can have those long afternnoons at the beach and eat lots of watermelon and ice cream with the kids!

  23. I love summer living being outdoors, easy ways of preparing food liked healthy salads, cold meats, summer fruits and having long lazy evenings next to the with a chilled glass of wine and ice cream for the kids!

  24. My fave aspect of summer is the beautiful brightness it brings. Bright days and even brighter nights. Best enjoyed sitting on the porch licking an overfilled ice cream cone and laughing with family.

  25. I love the freedom of summer clothing, evening braais, summer thunderstorms in JHB, chilled white wine, watermelon and grapes and so many other summer fruits…. Sigh so many happy summer things!

  26. I love the loooong summer evenings in CT. Already missing them as they disappear behind clouds. Good thing ice cream is for all seasons 🙂

  27. i love the summer activities, being outside and having fun and eating summer salads and having punch

  28. Summer gives us longer evenings, time to unwind and nothing beats sitting outside of a warm evening enjoying a treat….ice-cream, or a long chilled drink and just listening to the sounds.

  29. artisanal ice cream is my absolute highlight in summer especially now living in Cape Town, I get to have the best ice cream money can buy, but having the Bella ice cream machine, I can make my very own tasty ice cream!!! :)))

  30. I love the cool summer breeze that comes off the ocean here in Cape Town. I love the fresh seasonal fruit bursting with flavour such as berries , cantaloupe and watermelon.

    I love lazy beach walks with artisan ice -crea, Gelato and sorbets , the sound of laughter and the holiday vibe.

    I love the late night coffees at the trendy cafés in town and I love the days are so much longer here in Cape Town.

    Did I mention I could have a ball making my own cold treats with an ice-cream dream machine 🙂

  31. My favourite part of a long summers day / weekend is the wind-down relaxing part where you are tired but relaxed, eating leftovers from a great meal, feet up watching my favourite show and finishing with an indulgent bowl of delectable ice-cream. Life doesn’t get much better than that

  32. Love summer, its my favourite season, the pretty summer dresses, swimming, having lots of braais with friends and just enjoying the sunshine!!

  33. my favourite part of summer, is fun in the sun, bikinis , beach, cocktails and ice cream

  34. My favourite day this past summer had been a trip to Beta beach. The day had been perfect, the water even relatively warm for the cold Atlantic. We lay on the rocks, jumped into the ocean and swam and sunbathed the day away. Ended off with sushi from Koi and ice cream from Sinfull. So I would have to say, sand, sun, salt, sushi and ICE CREAM of course!!!!

  35. My favourite aspect of summer is being outdoors… the warm sun, a cool breeze, looking up at the blue sky, hearing the happy birds singing, spending time with my family and just relaxing:) *Bliss

  36. I love the holiday feeling I get when summer has arrived. Family time, days lazying outdoors in the sun or at the pools. Camping and picnics :):) desserts and of course ice cream:)

  37. The best thing about summer is being able to relax next to the pool with family and friends and eat lots of ice cream!!!

  38. My favourite time for summer, is making homemade ice cream the old school way. Coming up with new ingredients. I love summer vibes and eating fresh fruit

    I would love to win an ice cream maker, because i don’t have one!
    Then i can go wild in the kitchen with my new bella ice cream maker 🙂

  39. I say it’s swimming in the pool with my kids after a long day at work. My kids will argue that it’s being able to eat ice lollies for breakfast, lunch and supper!

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