Nothing beats a beautiful magazine with lots of inspirational images, but they definitely have a sneaky way of piling up without us even realizing it.  Here are some design-friendly ideas to preserve your favourite issues.

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magazine stools, image from piccsy.vom, Wire Side Tabel from Urban Outfitters, Magazine Wall image from

Box it, hang it, store it and even stack it, these are just a few ways to make your magazine collection work for you., and


Elle Decoration, Mid Century Modern Magazine Rack from Etsy


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kkPappenhalter by Florian Gilges, Couch with Storage from DesignSponge,Mid Century Modern Magazine Holder from Etsy, Marcel Wanders Magazine Rack


Images: Cristina Toledo

Create an art installation in your living room using simple wire hangers.

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Images: Regard Set Maisons & Sypply

Stacking against walls (or as a part of your existing furniture) is an international trend. This is an effortless way to deal with clutter. Behold design that doesn’t try too hard and gives your space a lived-in, unregimented feeling.

Images: Mama Without Boarders


Images: It's Over Flowing & The Seting Stake Time


Images: Its Over Flowing


Images: Book of Joe & Touch of Modern


Be creative, repurpose and make your clutter useful. Your magazines don’t have to be stowed away. Show them off, they can make an interesting decor feature and double as seating or an eye-catching statement piece.