As our exciting #IDEAS101 Issue hits the shelves, we are sure that you are going to adore our newest insert, DECOKID. We will feature Big Ideas for your Little Humans in every issue, ensuring you are on trend at all times. Being design and decor savvy while being a mum can be quite a daunting prospect, so we will turn to local designer mums for advice.

In a hilarious and insightful interview, we got to know the oh-so creative Sarah Ord and her beautiful boy Charlie.

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“The best thing about being a mum is seeing this little tiny person, who looks like us, grow everyday into a little boy.”

What was your biggest fear about becoming a mother? The scariest part of becoming a mother for the first time is that you have NO idea what to expect.  No matter how many books, movies or friendly opinions you get, NOTHING can prepare you!  Suddenly you are in it and you are just making it up as you go along.

DEFINE ‘sleep like a baby’: The schnouffly, porridge-breath, complete collapse, pudgy legs tucked up!

 In terms of decor, has your home been transformed to cater for a child? How can this be avoided in other homes? I was determined to have absolutely no plastic… lovely crafted wooden toys and hand sewn teddy bears.  Ja right!  Brace yourself for the multi-coloured, loud jingle jangle of Fisher Price, Tiny Love, Lamaze etc etc.  People bring little items round all the time and leave them here.  Gifts always seem to include something non bio-degradable and bright red with eyes.  Just go with it, you are now a parent.

Elle Decoration SA
FOXES were the big inspiration for Charlies nursery. Before the woodland fad hit, I had a thing about furry orange foxes so we started with that colour and added greys, yellows and turquoise.

If you can give new mums one piece of advice what would it be? Cake and french fries are fickle, fickle friends!

What have been the most helpful baby products to you? Thermomix for baby food and Quinny pram.  #wouldnothavesurvived

Charlie is finally asleep! What do you take these 20 min to do? I collapse on the sofa in front of Game of Thrones with a LARGE glass of chilled vino – usually sopping wet from bath time with sticky bits of pureed pumpkin in my hair.

Elle Decoration SA
Sarah’s most helpful baby and parenting book was Baby Sense. Other than that, simple inserts in baby magazines helped her find her feet.


Disposable or toweling nappies? No brainer!  WHY would you want to spend 24/7 washing poo off everything?!

When Charlie grows up he is going to be …. His mommy’s greatest fan.  I have been whispering to him since day one that he mustn’t forget to phone his mommy when he leaves home.

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Sarah Ord is the mastermind behind Sarah Ord Interiors on Bree Street, Cape Town. For the ultimate in colour and decor inspiration visit her store here!

Compiled by Megan Schumann