'South African Panorama 1981' 2014 sticky-tape transfer 04 pigment inks, dirt, white-out tape and J-Laer tape on cotton paper by Mikhael Subotzky 133x185cm, Goodman Gallery / Chair by Créma Design

Inside our current Winter issue, DECO has curated a few of our favourite South African art pieces and shopped for décor accordingly. Packed with complementary colour palettes and artistic accessories for your home, let us teach you the art of décor shopping.

In addition to being our Winter issue, #Winter102 was significantly inspired by art. In the same way that some of our featured artists – like Kirsten Lilford and Mikhael Subotzky – take their lead from scenes in daily life, we’ve taken inspiration from their art to inform our décor shopping highlights.

Why not find your signature décor style by taking inspiration from local art?

Having curated a small collection of key pieces, we examined each work of art closely. Delving into the colour combinations and the textures created by the application of paint or woven textures and considering the context and subject matter of the piece gave us a theme for each décor collection.

Kirsten Lilford inspired DECO Shop - art decor
1. Bell copper light R999, @home | 2. Swirl Ball by Ceramic Factory R1 500, esque.co.za | 3. High Voltage standing lamp starting from R16 918, OKHA | 4. Slow chair and Ottoman R32 353, Créma Design | 5. Chestermoon four seater by Baxter, R298 000, Stilemilano | 6. Tibetan Pink Splash rug R5 800/m², Gonsenhausers | 7. Calder 3 Rug R6 727, Créma Design | 8. Seventy-one occasional chair in stone white R3 495, Weylandts


A little something extra…

As we always try to give you something extra at elledecoration.co.za, we wanted to bring you an extra collection you won’t find in our print edition. The lush brush strokes of Mia Chaplin’s Somone’s Pool that create a tropical green tree canopy are routed in the sandy golden tones of the pool’s decking.

We took these neutrals to inform décor accessories like the Alabaster Flair Vase from Woolworths and natural wooden furniture like Créma Design’s Cherner Armchair. Paired with brushed metallics and soft, muted greens and including warm textures like Weylandts’ over-deyed kilim rug, we curated the perfect winter collection, all inspired by Chaplin’s original work.

DECO Shop - art decor Mia Chaplin
From the top: Beat Light R6 004.24 | Créma Design. Alabaster flare vase R299, Woolworths | Via Fondazza vase R1 799, esque.co.za | Vintage overdeyed kilims R10 995, Weylandts | Chermer armchair R16 123.03, Créma Design | Skultuna candle holder R1 199, esque.co.za | Artisan round vase R260, Woolworths | Vintage distressed anatolian green rug R19 995, Weylandts | Herman 3 seater sofa R8 499, Sofa Company.

For more décor shopping based on the best local art has to offer, take a look at our DECOINSPIRATION feature, p27-33 of our current Winter issue, on shelf now. For more information on Mia Caplin’s work, visit salon91.co.za.

ELLE Decoration Winter 102 June 2015

The Winter edition of ELLE Decoration South Africa is on shelves at your nearest magazine retailer now & available to download here. Packed with stylish ways to hibernate this winter, it’s full of all your favourite features, décor tips and tricks plus brand new pages, including DECO Read, DECO Kid and DECO Grow. Pick up your copy today for the most stylish winter yet and tell us what you think on Twitter @ELLE_Deco. #Winter102