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Looking back on our #WinterIssue of last year, reminded us of the phenomenal work of  ceramicist, Lucinda Mudge. She spent her childhood in Knysna before travelling south to the Cape, to pursue a degree in fine arts at the University of Cape Town. She mixes her stains and glazes to nurture a distinct style of her own. She chatted to us about her love of her abode and work space.

“I love the location,” Lucinda enthuses from her home studio in George, surrounded by lush, tropical greenery, “it’s heaven on earth here.” Being utterly removed from the information-overload and the world of ‘art-speak’ inherent to city life gives Lucinda a clarity of vision and independence of creative thought. It is from this slice of paradise that she brings her humorous observations of South African life to the forefront in her highly decorative, unique vases.

Elle Deco SA

Aside from art books, her own sketchbooks and ceramics, there’s no decorative art to speak of – her studio is, she insists, a functional space. As a ceramicist, checking on her kilns is somewhat of an obsession and it was with relief that she recently moved them inside – in the process, adding external doors to what was essentially a back bedroom in her home “making it a hundred times nicer.”

Elle Deco SA

Although not inclined to ‘making house’, she loves the home that is an extension of her studio, filled with gifted furniture so everything has a story. How would she advise DECO readers to make their own homes more artistic? “You’re either inspired by art or you’re not…get a vase and put some flowers in it – that usually does the trick.”

Compiled by Lucie Bartlett

Want to see more of Lucinda’s work? 

Pencil in her current and upcoming exhibitions:

21 March 2016 – 27 June 2016, CCCB Barcelona , MAKING AFRIKA

September 2016 – December 2016, Gulbenkian Lisboa, MAKING AFRIKA

February 2017 – June 2017, Zeitz MOCCA, Cape Town, MAKING AFRIKA

Visit her website at lucindamudge.wordpress.com

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