It’s the 1st day of December, which means it’s time for advent, with 24 days left until Christmas. So we’ve come up with this fun and cheap advent calendar, made from paper sleeves and duct tape found in DECO’s office.

DECO IDEA Create a large advent display on your wall by joining paper sleeves together, using double-sided tape or staples (this gives it strength and durability). Alternatively, sew the paper sleeves together. Use bright duct tape for the digits, and fill the pockets with small (and very light) items. This calendar also makes for a fun storage display unit above one’s desk, perfect for stationary, cards, and small keep-sakes.

Visit any Builders Warehouse for duct tape, and your closest corner cafe for paper sleeves. Watch this space for more cheap and easy festive season ideas. See our cardboard advent calendar idea.