You know when you see something great and you wish you had thought of it first, or designed it first? It happens to us a lot, it’s actually a great feeling.  Instant Grass, a consumer collaboration agency, approached Nick Christowitz and Angie Batis Durrant to work on their new Braamfontein offices. Although they had to grapple with a tight budget, the two were able to create an adaptable space that has just the right amount of character.

Although the Instant Grass Joburg team is only made up of 6 people, the number of people in the office at one time easily fluctuates to 20 and sometimes even 30 depending on the time of day. Taking this into consideration, Nick and Angie had a few furniture pieces specially made to allow for extra seating and working space whenever the need arises.

The multi-purpose honeycomb stools

One of these pieces is a set of honeycomb stools that fit together to make a coffee table, but can also be pulled apart and used as individual seats.

The custom made adjustable table

The office’s large desk was also custom made and can seat up to 16 people with the help of adjustable flaps.

The team portrait adds colour to the seating area

In terms of the decor, Nick and Angie selected a number of items that make the space unique to its users. To start with, a local street artist was commissioned to paint a mural of the Instant Grass team, a bright piece of art that instantly adds a personal touch to the office.

The crate shelf holds a menangerie of objects

A number of small crates mounted on the wall became a shelf that the team could customise with items that best represent them and what they do. The designers helped them start out by adding a few quirky trinkets of their own.

The bicycle chandelier

Instead of normal lighting, the Instant Grass space was treated to a unique ‘bicycle chandelier’ that the designers had made which hangs above the table.

'Good Behaviour'

The company motto, ‘Good Behaviour’, was incorporated into a simple street-facing mural complete with pyramid lights.

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The Instant Grass office can be found at:

155 Smit Street,



Twitter: @instantgrass

Written by Chisanga Mukuka (@Chisanga_Mk)

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