More from Kelly today about what she saw at the Design Indaba conference:

Graphic designer Michael Bierut of Pentagram opened the Design Indaba and MC’ed the conference this year with wonderful grace and humour. He also offered some valuable lessons he’d learned from a project that turned out well, but didn’t really go according to plan. He was coming from a graphic design angle but I think his insights are relevant to anyone making things for an audience. Here’s what he said:

1.  Don’t be so darned clever
2.  You get power by giving away power.
3.  The real opportunity may not be part of your scope of work.
4.  Consistency does not equal sameness.
5.  The audience is more wonderful than you think.
Check out Bierut’s DesignObserver blog, and read more about his L!brary Initiative for public schools in America.