A definite highlight of this year’s Design Indaba Expo is Serpentine’s decorative beaded series, a new and refreshing take on traditional beadwork. Founded by Michael Chandler and Claudette Davis, Serpentine combines Chandler’s love of antiques with Davis’ fair-trade principles and production experience. Playing with Eurocentric and oriental decorative art vocabularies, Serpentine moves away from conventional beadwork by exploring new forms, shapes and designs,¬†aiming to revive interest and appreciation for local craftwork by exploring traditional mediums in original and thought provoking ways.

Serpentine’s name stems from the nature of beads and are reminiscent of snake skin. ‘Snakes, like bead-work, are under appreciated and misunderstood,’ says Michael.

Contact Serpentine at info@serpentine.co.za