The Design Indaba ignites thought and starts conversation and this year was no different. With a new location and a makeover of its foundation, the conference seemed to have a new lease on life. We share with you our favourite moments from the 2016 Design Indaba:

Design Indaba Top Picks | Elle Decoration SA

Design Icon: Jaime Hayón

Design sweetheart Jaime Hayón, is known for his whimsical approach to design. With child-like imagination and a skills set to aspire to, he has established himself as an iconic designer that will be referenced for years and years to come. His talk mirrored his personality, taking the audience through simple points of design inspiration. He convinced us, most importantly, that we should all stop taking ourself so seriously and start having way more fun. See DECO’s full profile on Jaime Hayón here.

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Wordsmith: Naresh Ramchandani

Naresh Ramchandani is the first ever communications and advertising partner at Pentagram. For his talk he shared his eight favourite words in the English Language. Personal and informative, his presentation dissects each word in order to understand the weight certain words can carry.

Design Indaba speaker | Elle Decoration SA

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Design Indaba Top Picks | Elle Decoration SA

Design Indaba Film Fest: The Wolfpack Directed by Crystal Moselle

The Wolfpack is a documentary film set in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It tells the story of the seven Angulo siblings, locked away from the outside world by their Hare Krishna extremist father.  Films being their only connection to the outside, their days where filled obsessively watching and recreating their favourite films with flair and great attention to detail and costume. The documentary is a visual feast, naturally created by their longing to be free and as far as the storyline goes it is all consuming.

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Design Indaba Top Picks | Elle Decoration SA

Design Indaba Emerging Creative: Waif

Newcomer Waif’s handmade jewellery has a distinctive organic aesthetic that is both bold and delicate. Each piece is hand cut from recycled brass making no 2 pieces alike. Gisèle Human exquisitely taste and attention to detail will ensure Waif to grow and flourish. Waif jewellery is available at Mungo & Jemima in Cape Town.

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