The Design Indaba Festival is officially upon us, and what better way to celebrate than to take a look in to the creative process of some of the most remarkable thinkers, doers, trendsetters and industry experts.

Christian Dior has become a household name in the fashion and design industry. Dior and I follow its newly appointed Creative Director as he brings to life his first collection for the label.

Named one of the most realistic fashion films to ever exist, this documentary will not only give you a good idea of what goes into creating an ensemble, but it will help you understand the creative process as a whole and the sort of challenges designers face almost everyday. Collaboration and trust is key to ensuring a project of this magnitude succeeds.

Dior and I will leave you with an entirely new perspective on this tricky industry, the glam is only but a small fraction of a creative career.

The film made it’s African premier this past weekend at the Design Indaba festival and will be at cinema’s March 2015. For more captivating films and documentaries, visit, and don’t forget to come say hello to us at our DECO stand this weekend … FH16.

Compiled by Jessie Bell