We asked Renee Rossouw, speaker at this year’s Design Indaba Conference and pattern-obsessed designer and architect, to explore the Design Indaba Expo in search of handmade knitted and woven goods. Here’s what she encountered…

I’m particularly interested in the visibility of the construction process of design, and this year the Design Indaba Expo saw a larger display of such goods, especially knitwear and weaves, mostly by hand but also manufactured. Li Edelkoort, trend forecaster and Design Indaba regular, also spoke of this DIY trend in her seminar this past Saturday – the ‘do it yourself trend for 2012-2013’.

The materials I encountered at the Expo were left in their natural hues, but also mixed with bright colours. These designers showed a genuine interest in exploring the possibilities of colour, material and their construction. These pieces, from rugs to one-of-a-kind creations, demonstrates the current shift in design towards an emphasis on self-made and DIY design.

Seeing that winter is around the corner, get some DIY inspiration here, and get knitting! Here’s what I found…

1. Mohair South Africa in collaboration with Trend Tablet and Li Edelkoort (above images)

2. Hinterveld luxurious timeless Mohair (above and below)

3. Emerging Creative Kelly Esterhuyse‘s use of Mohair (above)

4. Merino wool blanket by Peta-Lee Woolf (above & below)

5. Crochet wall coverings by Maymott (above & below)

6. Floor coverings by Mescla Design (below)

Watch this space for more Design Indaba highlights and finds.


*Photographs: Renee Rossouw