DNA| Elle Decoration South Africa
Hamed Ouattara for Design Network Africa

This is just brilliant news! We are thrilled to announce that Design Network Africa (DNA) has been announced as the first-prize winner in the 2014 Africa Design Award.

Winning this, DNA has proven yet again that it is a collaborative force to be reckoned with on the African continent.

In awarding the top recognition at this ceremony to DNA, Africa Design Award made the following statement:

The reward is well deserved. DNA is a group of highly respected designers in Africa and a great example of a collaborative programme. A dynamic programme initiated by CKU, the Danish Centre for Culture and Development, funded by the Danish Government and coordinated by SOURCE in South Africa, DNA facilitates the development of design in Africa and encourages collaboration between designers trying to find new solutions, while fostering the exchange of skills.

Africa Design Award is an initiative to assert and promote design in Africa, with the aim to position Africa in the heart of the global design scene while creating one of the largest networks of emerging design from all countries, in all categories.

DNA | Elle Decoration South Africa
Furniture by Hamed Ouattara for Design Network Africa
DNA | Elle Decoration South Africa
Cheick Diallo for Design Network Africa

The whole team at DECO wish to salute both Source and the Danish Centre for Culture and Development, funded by the Danish Government who initiated and coordinate DNA. Your contribution to the cultural fabric of this continent is most admirable.

First prize winner: Design Network Africa (DNA) / South Africa followed by Jeff Maina (Kenya) and Mohamed Sekou Ouattara (Burkina Faso) / Maria Haralambidou (Malawi)

Young Talent prize winner: Sofia Bennani and Alexandra Singer-Biederman (Morocco-France) followed by Houda Rahmani (Morocco) / Karima Elkhider (Morocco)

Coup de Coeur prize winner: Maria Haralambidou (Malawi)
followed by Babacar Niang M’Bodj (Senegal) / Cedric Nzolo (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Tribute prize winner: Hicham Lahlou (Morocco) followed by Cheick Diallo (Mali) / Memia Taktak (Tunisia)


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