Window shopping may become a thing of the past with the newly renovated Siam Center in Thailand which incorporates a refreshing mix of technology, art, fashion and design to create an interactive digital interior between shoppers and retailers: an Ideaopolis or the ultimate digital shopping experience.

Combining ideas with experiences, the new Siam Center’s interior design is all about digital. With an installation of more than 500 LED screens, interactive video walls and a ‘digital closet’ linked to the Siam Center’s Instagram and Facebook pages, shoppers are guaranteed to be constantly connected. So the idea is that a picture of yourself is taken and uploaded to the screens. The digital image of you is then able to try on any clothing garment you desire without the schlep of a changing room. If that is not cool, then we are not sure what is.

‘The concept behind the interior decoration of Siam Center is a combination of “industrial chic” and “ultra-modern”; to achieve a contrast of two opposites that stand side by side in harmony through clever manipulation of light and colour, shadow and brightness.’

Hosting 300 one-of-a-kind concept stores and an additional selection of local designers, the Siam Center is definitely a creative hub to explore. Each flagship store has glass walls on all four sides, allowing brands the ultimate freedom in decorating their store. But wait, there’s more! The Siam Center also serves as an exhibition space, showcasing Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein’s Pop Art prints as well as a collection of clothing from the archives of fashion brands Comme des Garçons, Yohi Yamamoto and Issey Miyaki.

Digital Closet

The idea behind the Siam Center revolves around the idea of connectivity. All shoppers are constantly engaging with Instagram and Twitter as photos are uploaded as they shop. Here are a few examples of Instagram images taken by shoppers in the mall.

Shopping has been taken to new technological heights. At the Siam Center it is not just about shopping but rather about creating an entire virtual experience.

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Posted By Zarah Cassim