Adam Hill photography
Adam Hill's stunning landscape photography inspired our Travel feature | Follow him @adamhillstudios

Instagram is a wonderful place sometimes, connecting you to like-minded individuals from all across the globe, with the opportunity to find beauty in different themes – from fashion, to food and art, the inspiration is endless – and it was where DECO discovered Adam Hill.

When the DECO team begins researching for a new issue, the platforms we use are vast but the go-to for beautiful imagery to inspire our mood boards is no longer Google images or Getty, but rather Instagram. For our latest winter issue, we went on a hunt for the Northern Lights, and sure enough, tucked amongst our Explore feed, Adam Hill’s beautiful landscapes popped up and caught our eye.

Adam is a Canadian based photographer, a self-proclaimed wildlife watcher and Aurora chaser. His website is like an enlarged Instagram gallery, full of beautiful landscapes, wildlife, sunsets and the Northern Lights. Get lost in his world of nature and become inspired.

Adam Hill on Instagram
Follow @adamhillstudios on Instagram

I photograph for very simple reasons. It is my way to break away from the everyday world, to explore and see what’s around us.

Photographing allows me to slow down, rejuvenate and notice details of our natural world. It’s a great way to share how I view the world.

Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis – or Northern Lights – captured by Adam.

Follow Adam online @adamhillstudios or

If you’re thinking of taking a trip to chase the Northern Lights yourself, grab a copy of our latest issue where we share tips on how to get there, where to stay and what to do when the lights prove tricky to track down. Look out for Adam’s stunning shot on page 61.

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