The Endemic Project created by award-winning filmmaker Bryan Little comes to light in ones headlights as you drive along Rhodes Drive. Made from reflector tape, the creatures shining in the darkness are endemic to the Western Cape and the fynbos floral kingdom – such as the Geometric Tortoise, Ghost Frog and Orange-Breasted Sunbird.

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The Endemic Project is a part of experimental ‘future film’ work that Little has embarked on, in trying to find new ways to be a filmmaker and tell stories. In this case, he literally removes the camera from the equation and made it site specific – you have to actually be there geographically and the car’s motion is the element of time and narrative.

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With a downloadable geo-tagged soundtrack arranged by Sylvan Aztok, the drivers can experience the sounds of each species as one moves along Rhodes Drive thus placing the audience into the installation experience. The installation is best experience at night, driving 50km/hr with the soundtrack able to play through the car sound system using Bluetooth or auxiliary cable.

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“I love that it requires light to work, and also that it’s normally used as a warning signal. Our natural heritage is our most valuable resource, so we need to start listening to the warning signs.”

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The Endemic Project makes the drive home a welcome experience after a day of work, and is a visually memorable reminder of being aware of the environment around us. In DECO’s Green Issue we focused even more so on sustainability in design and adapting one’s homes, activities and day to day living to ensure the least impact on our environment.



Behind the scenes video | Fly on the Wall

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