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Finding accommodation when travelling can be daunting. Enter AirBnb where you’ll find your ideal temporary petite maison. We’ve selected the top AirBnb accommodation in South Africa that boast good reviews and décor to match.



Art Lover's Dream; Image credit:
Art Lover’s Dream; Image credit:

Cape Town, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is sure to yield some pretty incredible AirBnB spots. But none perhaps are as well-curated as the Art Lovers Dream on the Atlantic Seaboard. Owner/interior designer Dylan Thomaz’ striking design aesthetic comes through in every corner of this perfectly appointed apartment, leaving you décor-inspired on your return home.

The small space has been well utilized and serves for the perfect place to rest your head after a walk on the famous Sea Point Promenade, a short 5 minutes away. Your eyes, on the other hand, will find no rest here as there far too many details and textiles to take in and enjoy.


Karoo Moon, Barrydale; Image credit:
Karoo Moon Hotel, Barrydale; Image credit:

Next stop: the Klein Karoo where you’ll find accommodation that is truly off the beaten R62 track. The charming little town of Barrydale hosts some true AirBnb gems.

Our choice is the Karoo Moon Motel, described as

‘quirky and fun, one can feel the love that’s been put into every little detail’

by those who have passed through its 119 year old doors. No truer words could be spoken about a place that combines antique furniture with bare cement treated floors. A look out one of their bedrooms offers a view of fruit farms,gorgeous hills and valleys.


Lambert House, Durban; Image credit:
Lambert House, Durban; Image credit:

Our next choice is a move away from the desert landscape of the Karoo towards the pristine beaches of Durban, particularly the elegant Lambert House. Guests of this 5-bedroomed mansion can look forward to sophisticated décor with touches of modern flair.


Beach house in Paternoster; Image credit:
Beach house in Paternoster; Image credit:

Paternoster, the sleepy, salty town on the West Coast is host to an AirBnb home that does well to bring elements of a white-washed beach house without the overbearing, overdone nautical vibe.

Instead, the owners of this beach spot have succeeded in bringing pieces of the West Coast into their home in a delicate and tasteful way. The small space has been well thought out and has taken true interior design into consideration.


12 Decades Art Hotel, Maboneng; Image credit:
12 Decades Art Hotel, Maboneng; Image credit:

The new kid on the culture and design block in Johannesburg is undoubtedly Maboneng and boy, were the pickings a-plenty in this trendy spot! However, without a doubt, the best place to stay here is at the 12 Decades Art Hotel. Every room is unique and is the result of the collaboration between some of South Africa’s best designers, namely, Black Coffee, and Dokter and Misses.

Besides each room being a feast for the eyes, each of the 12 rooms takes visitors through 12 decades of Joburg history. You’ll be able to create your own stories here and even take home a bit of décor inspiration to create a story in your own home.


So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to pack your bags? With so many places to choose from, AirBnb has fast become the global ticket for holidaymakers on a budget.




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