The Plascon Colour Team recently shared the brand’s newly-released Forecast for 2018 and provided insights into the trends they’re seeing in interior colours for the coming year.

Colour defines our world

Colour influences every aspect of our lives – from fashion and décor to art and design. The Plascon Colour Forecast has been South Africa’s leading source of colour inspiration for nearly 20 years, and 2018’s edition is no exception. It all starts with the team looking at the way that colour is being used across the creative industries and then coming up with a set of trend stories that truly reflect the global mood. What’s vital, though, is that these are filtered through a local sensibility. That way they can be sure it’s perfectly curated for the local lifestyle and taste.

Bringing diverse influences to life

Reflecting on this year’s influences, the Forecast reflects the transitional state we’re going through in our world. Global design is trying to make sense of turbulent times, and because of that, colour’s going through a period of eclectic combinations. This leads to the mixing and matching of diverse influences, like modern and classic, North and South, digital and physical, natural and artificial.

Four themes expressing the state we’re in

The Forecast opens with Exotic Euphoria, where supercharged colour and phosphorescent brights are grounded by deep and lush natural tones.

Because they’re all inspired by floral and fruit tones, the brights in Exotic Euphoria live together beautifully despite being so different. Taken together they feel vital and eclectic, while alone they make bold statements in interiors.

Following this, the Forecast explores a lighter touch with Soft Composition – a muted palette of classically-inspired colours and bold retro accents.

Playing with colour proportions in Soft Composition is key. Generous use of neutrals along with the trend colours helps to achieve the signature contemplative feeling.

Contrasted with this, Craft Spirit features a palette of pigmented blues, burnished reds and warm tones for an eclectic and heritage-inspired mix.

Craft Spirit is inspired by a fusion of our global heritage. It’s a palette that draws on rich earthy reds and pink hues to update ancient design for contemporary living spaces.

Finally, Hi-Glo closes off the Forecast with a mixture of citrus sorbet tints and mid-toned primary colours that combine with grounded neutrals to create a modern, youthful look.

The purple and citrus yellow and green combination from this story form a fresh and youthful colour palette that works perfectly in paint techniques.

Colour authorities often pick a colour they feel truly defines the trends for the year, but this year Plascon made the decision to go with a neutral instead of a bolder tint. Every colour scheme needs a considered neutral as a base and the team decided that choosing one as their key colour was a great way for them to make trends accessible and easy-to-use. The pick for this year is Amadeus, an earthy, yellow-tinted hue which brings a grounding energy to any space.

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