Our cheeky designer Kirsten Townsend got crafty this weekend and taught herself to make a macramé plant holder. And then she was nice enough to take pictures, and to explain to us exactly how to make one too. You can do it in all kinds of colours and thicknesses of ropes.

Let the games begin.And (apparently) it’s as easy as pie?

16m of cord/rope/yarn
A pair of scissors
A metal ring
(Rope and metal ring were sourced from CD Fox. They have a variety of colours and sizes.)

Measure 8 pieces of yarn at 2m each.
Fold these in half and you have 16 pieces of 1m.
Loop through the metal ring at the fold.

Wrap another piece of rope/cord/yarn around for a couple of centimeters. Tie the cord and cut the loose ends off.

Separate the cord into four sections of four, per section.
Knot each section at about 28cm down.

Now split these knotted sections in half and knot together with the half section next to it, about 18 cm down from last knot.
Knot the last two from the outer edges.
You now have 4 new sections of four pieces of cord.

Repeat this process one more time, about 10cm from the last knot.
You will end up with something that looks like this –with three rows of knots.

Either tie one big knot at the end, or tie together with another piece of cord.

Place a potted plant through one of the bigger openings.

And hang.
Taaa-daaa, your very own Macramé plant holder.

Production: Kirsten Townsend (@designkirst)