Frauke Stegmann was the recipient of the Elle Decor International Design Awards (EDIDA) Emerging Designer of the Year award in 2005/6. So we’re very excited to see her showing her work in an exhibition called Domestic Desire, currently on at the Bell Roberts gallery.

I haven’t seen the show yet, so must rely on the press release:

“Frauke Stegmann’s Domestic Desire project is about making an inventory of everything she has acquired and kept over the years. The project focuses on her collection of domestic/homemaking objects sourced from various markets abroad and more from the Milnerton Market in Cape Town.

These objects, sourced initially as a way to try and recapture old memories, have been adopted and become the basis of a new collection of work, with the objects in the collection recreated to make ‘new’ things. The shape of each re-creation is predetermined by the autobiographical nature of the way the original pieces were acquired, but their origin is one of chance. Through the casting process required to make each object, the history of each object is erased while the inherent memories each object carries are retained through the shape.”

Domestic Desire runs at the Bell Roberts from 17 October to 17 November. See you there!