From left: Oyster, Bay of Bengal and Mount Kilimanjaro, all available from Douglas Jones

When it comes to surfaces, there is no excuse not to have the most exquisite and desirable tiles to match your dream style. From Douglas Jones’ latest InspiReD Catalogue comes tile decor like never before, creating moods and unimaginable combinations, that leaves us wanting more.

With an unbeatable selection, the DECO team is spoilt for choice when styling. We’re talking glass, porcelain, natural stones, metals and ceramics, and it doesn’t stop there. Our current favourite… the Mosaico Micro. Adapted from ancient mosaic tiling techniques, they are produced in Italy and carry the highest European quality and standard.

The Mosiaco Micro collection from Douglas Jones

 Made from recycled glass, pressed into small squares and glued onto a silicone net, this product is perfectly suitable for both wall and floor applications. The product is non porous and therefore suitable for both wet and dry areas too.

Think beyond the typical square tile and discover eye-catching tessellations, hexagons, circles and textured tiles. You will find the dreamiest tiles and surface solutions from Douglas Jones online and can follow them on Twitter for up-to-the-minute inspiration.

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