The photographic series, Other-On, is an ongoing collaboration between two like-minded friends. It is a visual treat for those who appreciate delicate, bright imagery, and is worthy of far more than just one of your Pinterest boards..

June Kim and Michelle Cho wanted to find a creative way of remembering the places they visited. They set out to develop a series of dream-like, pastel shots of anonymous females among natural and urban sets.


The series represents the feeling of being constantly in flux between various possible selves; in past, present, and yet to be.


Having explored many destinations, from Los Angeles to Mexico, their latest addition of the La Muralla Roja in Spain, is by far our favourite. The duo successfully portrayed the buildings striking facade and has us dreaming of visiting this little gem on the Calpe Coast.


We’re constantly compelled to create, inspired by everything from literature to films and always informed by our experiences.


Somewhere between dreams and reality. I’m constantly inspired by locations—places with poetry, geometry, and a story to tell.



La Muralla Roja was built in 1968 by Ricardo Bofill, during the modernist push in architecture. You can discover more from this generation of utopian architecture in Gestalten’s book The Tale of Tomorrow.

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