At the historical centre of Amsterdam, iconic Dutch design label Droog has opened the hotel of our dreams. But it must be said, dear friends, that pushing zzzz’s in dreamland might not be what you really come here for.

Hôtel Droog is the place to go for a drink, a bite, exclusive shopping, exhibitions, beauty advice, a stroll in a fairy tale garden, a lecture series, and maybe a bed for the night when you’re feeling worn out. Featuring the Droog Store, Gallery, Roomservice, Fairy Tale Garden, Beauty at Cosmania, Fashion at Kabinet, Products at Weltevree, and the one and only Bedroom, Hôtel Droog is housed across 700 square metres in a 17th century building, and looks set to become a new cultural zone in the heart of Amsterdam.

“The concept of a hotel has been reversed. Whereas a hotel is usually mostly about sleeping, here we have enlarged and emphasized all the aspects that many hotels also offer and made them central to the hotel experience—and it even has a room to sleep in!” says Renny Ramakers, co-founder and director of Droog. “Hotel Droog brings all of our activities under one roof—from curation to product design, exhibitions and lectures—and invites people to plug in as they choose.”

SLEEP…in what Hotel Droog calls ‘the one and only bedroom’.

When you’re all shopped out, the top floor of Hotel Droog is for guests who might like to come for a sleepover. Connected but quiet, the brightly-lit space with a bedroom, living area and kitchen looks out across Amsterdam’s  rooftops.

ESCAPE….in the Fairy Tale Garden

What have we here? A magical fairy tale garden, designed by French Designers Claude Pasquer and Corinne Détroyat, the courtyard has been transformed into a shelter for biodiversity, where natural and manmade elements merge. Mixing seamlessly with abundant plantation, synthetic turf covers the winding pathways to create a sense of stillness, serenity and joy.

EXHIBITIONS …at The Gallery

The Gallery is an exhibition space curated by Droog or by specially invited curators. The space features the latest in design, art and fashion, showcasing previews of upcoming developments in the creative industry. The Gallery aims to create a dialogue between design and the community by hosting workshops and discussions.

PRODUCTS…at Weltevree

Weltevree is a Dutch label that develops authentic products with a focus on outdoor living. Whether it’s the iconic Dutchtub that lets you take a bath outside, or a stove that brings the crackling fire into your kitchen, the idea behind Weltevree is to bring rawness and sensuality into everyday life.

DESIGN…Droog Store

The Droog Store – featuring small and affordable products along with limited edition pieces, each with its own story to tell. The store also sells the ‘Friends of Droog’ curated collection – products that convey the essence of Droog.

All images courtesy of Droog Hotel

Photographs by Thijs Wolzak.