Dulux has announced the launch of its annual trend forecast, ColourFutures 2017, depicting key colour trends for the year ahead and its prediction of its Colour of the Year. 

The leading paint brand’s team of global trend and design experts create the forecast after reflecting on emerging trends in people’s lives from interior-design and architecture to fashion, beauty to graphic design and social and economic influences.


International design and colour visionaries at Dulux’s Global Aesthetic Center have been scouring the globe for the latest social and trend developments, to help them lead the way in colour innovation. The colour experts have used this insight to define the tones and styles that best represent how we will live our lives in 2017.


‘Life in a new light’, a new way of being, 2017 OVERRIDING THEME:
Dulux’s overriding theme for the year ahead encourages you to celebrate a new look on the simple things that make life worth living. With real and authentic experiences becoming more important to us than ever before, we’re taking a fresh look at the everyday elements of life.

 “As the world changes, people are taking a fresh look at the everyday elements of life  – our family and friends, work, connecting with nature, and the pleasure of experiences. We are incredibly excited that ‘Life in a new Light’ is the driving influence for 2017 and is seen in all our colour trends for the year.”

– Sonica Bucksteg, Dulux Colour Expert


The blue we expect to see everywhere in 2017 is the Colour of the Year: ‘Steel Symphony 2’. A beautiful, timeless and versatile grey-blue that takes on a different characteristic depending on how it’s used, perfectly capturing the mood of the moment and embodying our lives for 2017. Fitting into all life and interior styles, ‘Steel Symphony 2’ is the perfect choice for reflecting Dulux’s new perspective for 2017 and is the must-have colour for the year ahead.

Steel Symphony 2’ is a wonderfully diverse foundation for the 2017 colour palette, which tells the story of our ‘life in a new light’ trend through its vast range of tones and colours. With blue set to dominate the interior trend agenda for 2017, Steel Symphony 2 does a fantastic job by representing the times we live in, designers love it and so do we. 

Steel Symphony 2 and its complementary colour palette will set off your walls in a beautiful way. There is a colour combination for everyone’s taste and preference within this denim inspired palette.”

– Heleen van Gent from Dulux’s Global Aesthetics Centre


All images courtesy of Dulux

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