ikhaya in Durban has found a new home at 435 Windermere Road. We popped into the new store – a light and open space with gorgeous wooden walls filled with retro furniture, natural design pieces, ceramics and art – to chat to owner Rhenda Allan.

Where do you source products from? Most are designed and made by either myself or my husband Nevin. We try to use eco-friendly whenever we can. We love working with natural materials like wood, especially Jacaranda and Camphor. These two woods are both classified as alien trees but they are so beautiful that they can’t go to waste! We also work with local crafters on designs that will fit in with the natural, organic, retro mix of style that we love so much!

What can we look forward to? We plan to add a coffee shop next year, as well as a complete children’s range, called ‘PIKININ’, that will include furniture, accessories and eventually clothing. We are also working on a range of products in collaboration with artist Kim Longhurst.