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You don’t just want your new kitchen to look beautiful – you also want complete comfort of motion with whatever you need always close to hand.  It is important to work with your kitchen planner at the initial design stage to ensure good workflows that suit you.  The Blum Dynamic Space concept focuses on three key features of a kitchen to make it both beautiful and practical – workflow, space and motion.

Sometimes the way that we design the kitchen and the utility room, also known locally as a scullery, actually hampers our workflows. The Dynamic Space specialists have some great tips and solutions that you may want to incorporate into the design of your new kitchen.

The dishwasher: Aventos Lift System

Most of us store our dishes in the kitchen cupboards, yet we most often set up the dishwasher in the utility room. This creates a great distance and bad workflows whenever you are loading and emptying the dishwasher. A solution in a modern kitchen would be to rather have a hidden dishwasher in the cleaning zone of the kitchen.  Emptying the dishwasher and packing crockery/glassware into nearby wall cabinets can be made easier when the wall cabinet fronts lift up and out of your way. With the Aventos Lift System, the front lifts up and out of the work area. No doors are in the way and you have easy access to the cabinet interior.

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The Aventos Lift System/ Image courtesy of Eclipse Group

The pantry: Space Tower

When the pantry is situated in the utility room, we often find that the kitchen itself does not have a consumables zone or pantry at all. For an effective workflow, the consumables that we use daily need to be close to hand in the kitchen. The ideal solution is to have a larger consumables zone in the utility room, like the Blum 900 – 1200 mm Space Tower to house bulk items, and a smaller consumables zone within the kitchen. The Blum 450mm-600mm Space Tower is perfect for your essential day-to-day items such as bread, cereal, sugar, pasta, rice, oils and condiments.

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The Blum Space Tower/ Images courtesy of Eclipse Group

The sink: U-shaped Pull-out

Because of bulky sinks taking up cupboard space, they are often situated in the utility room.  However, there is nothing worse than having only one sink in the utility room and no access to water in the kitchen. Water is a vital part of kitchen activities from cooking and cleaning to simply adding it to beverages. The Blum Dynamic Space concept recommends a 1 ½ sink at the least, next to the preparation zone. The Blum U-shaped Pull-out is a clever solution that makes optimal use of the available space. Cleaning detergents and cloths can be stored in the space directly below the sink, to the left and right of the bowl, and don’t have to be stored out on the work surface.

U-shaped pull out / Images courtesy of Eclipse Group

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