We’ve come up with a range of easy and cheap vase ideas for you to try out during spring. This week we return to basics to create a CIY vase. Here’s how…

GET THE LOOK We’ve gone all natural with this easy look. Collect a few bamboo stems and tie them together firmly with a piece of string. Fill each stem with a little bit of water. It’s that simple.

DECO TIP Use poppies to finish the look. Or keep it fresh by ditching the flowers and sticking to greens.

Get your hands on our latest Spring Issue to see 11 more of these easy spring ideas, such as the top right image. (Our new Spring Issue cover is HOT proof). Also see our posts on the colour cluster effect and hanging vases for easy vase ideas.

* Production by Laureen Rossouw and Joan Viljoen; Photographs by Inge Prins