Winter isn’t finished with us yet. So what should  we do while waiting for Spring to pull into the station?

Here’s our idea of a nice little CIY project for this last lap of inside time.

A few weeks ago ELLE DECORATION stylist Hendrik Coetzee took home an Econoheat wall panel heater and juiced it up with some fiery paint colours in eco-wise water-based paint. He then installed it in a defunct old marble fireplace at home. Tasty idea. See here.

Panel heaters are convenient and they’ve become part of the furniture in many homes. But they don’t have to look so standard issue.


In July, The Street concept store in Greenside, Joburg, launched an Econoheat art exhibition called “The Heat is On”,  in collaboration with Econoheat wall heaters.


Thirteen South African artists were given a brief explaining the kind of paint and materials that can be used to paint these wall heaters – with no risk to melting or burning.

They were given a week to paint a 600mm x 600mm canvas with acrylic PVA water based paint. Two artists used permanent marker in their design – acknowledging that it will fade with time but incorporating the fading as part of the idea.

Artists on exhibition included: Jason Bronkhorst, Jade Klara, Senyol, Bruce McKay, Justus Kotze, Justice Mukheli, Innocent Mukheli, Marija van Rensburg, Ivana Raguz, Mr. Alpha, Adriaan Jansen van Vuuren, Kevin Love, Mzwandile Buthelezi.

The Street, 135 Green Way, Greenside, Joburg. For info, contact Melissa on 083 2867577.

(Artist credits – Image 1:’Bird’ by Senyol  Image 2: ‘Logs’ by Bruce McKay, ‘Fox’ by Ivana Aragus, ‘Hedgehogs’ by Marija van Rensburg.)

Posted by Hendrik Coetzee & Inge van der Merwe