Let the glamour in! For the past six years I have lived in my Cape Town CBD apartment with a black, cream, steel and glass theme. For a while now, I’ve been dying to introduce gold. What I really wanted was to use gold tiles in the entrance hall or add giant gilt mirrors. But something held me back. Was it a fear of overt luxury? Or perhaps a wariness of appearing ostentatious?

Images: Laureen at Eat Your Heart Out in Maboneng | Interviewing David Tlale (@DAVIDTLALE)
Images: Laureen being interviewed by Neville Trickett (@mistertrickett)

Many years ago, seeing Margaux Hemingway riding in a jeep through Africa wearing no make-up, in khaki, hair pulled back in a thick, healthy ponytail, I was sure that this would be my look for the rest of my life. So how would I now make the transition and introduce a bit of shine into my life?
It all fell into place when I walked into Neville Trickett’s home in Durban and saw his two oversized gold vinyl chairs. It was a moment of conversion. I was ready for the entire show. Firstly, I eased myself in by buying a gold scarf, which has updated many looks, and I can now say with confidence I’m sold on gold – and the necessity of glamour – in an outfit or as a decor item.

Images: Laureen with Chu Suwannapha (@ChuSuwannapha) for ‘Prints Charming’ Inspiration shoot on p36 in The Fashion Issue

Compiling The Fashion Issue, we visited some of our country’s finest fashion personalities and were pleased by how decor and fashion have intertwined in their lives and work. From our fashion report, to Chanel-inspired food, to the latest trends in decor pieces as well as a focus on luxurious bedrooms and bathrooms, this is our tribute to the enduring art of fashionable living.