Today our Antipodean guest blogger Elana Castle sheds some quirky but well-considered light on our blog:

I came across the work of Volker Haug through Matt Woods, who designed the interior of one of Sydney’s hippest new eateries, Bloodwood. Volker, a lighting designer from Melbourne,  is the talent responsible for the funky antleresque light fittings that colonize the space.

volker_rudolf_pendant 2


As a designer, I’m drawn to new ways of looking at everyday objects, and while light fittings get a lot of press attention, I’m always on the prowl for something fresh and standout. Volker Haug’s work really fits the bill, as it makes use of seemingly banal objects to create something beautiful but also functional.

Instead of the local builder’s hardware store, Volker is likely to be spotted shopping for materials at fishing shops, Asian supermarkets and salvage yards. His pieces have included elements as varied as plumbing joints, tea strainers and Japanese calligraphy brushes.




Despite the type of materials used, the results are always refined and balanced yet quirky.  To ogle over a few more of Volker’s designs, head to his website.