I love when a simple solution to a staggering problem is also a good looking one. When Melbourne based siblings Abigail and Jamie Forsyth began their first business – a food store and catering service in the heart of the city – they were astounded at the amount of waste it generated, particularly in the form of disposable coffee cups. (It is estimated that Australians discard up to 550 million disposable cups a year). Buoyed by their renewed eco-sensitivity, they set out to produce a practical, sustainable and attractive alternative. After many years of research and product development, the KeepCup was born.


The KeepCups are made from fully recyclable materials and completely mimic the shape and size of regular cups.  There are a range of vibrant colour ways which also make them a bright, fresh and fun addition to your day.


Instructions for use couldn’t be easier:

Hand over your KeepCup at your local cafe.  Keep the lid.
The Barista makes you a great coffee and hands it back to you in your KeepCup.
Put the lid on and you are on your way – light of step and glad of heart.
Drink. Wash. Drink. Wash. Drink. Wash. Drink. Wash.

For the seriously environmentally conscious, the KeepCup website has an online calculator which enables you to log on and calculate the environmental cost of your own takeaway coffee consumption too.