Lucky for us, our Aussie correspondent Elana Castle likes to gaze at speedboats on the sidewalk. Tell us all about it, Elana!

I met Sydney-sider Simon Bethune quite by chance.  Walking back home from a day out, I noticed a gleaming wooden speed boat parked just outside an apartment building.  I couldn’t but stop and stare. What a work of art! As I admired the seamless intricate detail, Simon appeared. It turns out that he was both the proud owner and designer. He also painstaking built every joint, junction and fitting.

It turns out that Simon Bethune is a man of many talents. Primarily self taught (“through observation, research,trial and error”), Simon is best known for his work as a model maker and prop designer but is also passionate about designing and making furniture and light fittings.


Simon’s wooden table is one of my favourites. I love the unusual plywood construction and attention to detail. It’s been assembled without mechanical fasteners, a technique that he regularly employs.


Simon just also recently sent me these images of his latest piece. No words for this sexy ceramic addition to his range!




Keep abreast of the talented Simon Bethune’s new work at his website