Saturday 12h00 for 13h00.

Camps Bay beach.

We’re having a beach party.

Gray Malin is shooting and you’re invited.

In December we featured the sweeping aerials of world famous beaches shot by acclaimed US photographer Gray Malin, also known for his iconic fashion images for brands such as Prada et al.

But let’s get straight the point already, since we have not a minute to waste.

On Saturday at noon, Gray Malin will be flying over Cape Town’s favourite beaches on the Atlantic Seaboard. You’re invited to join Team DECO on Camps Bay beach. Be in the shot. And later, maybe tag yourself in the famed beach picture on Facebook?

How brilliant is that? Supremely, we think. Especially since the weatherman is saying Saturday will be a picturesque 29 degrees, with not a cloud in the sky.

So. We’re hosting a beach party and when Gray flies overhead, we’ll have made our ELLE DECO name out of a pile of bright beach towels generously given to us by Glodina, to give away to you. If you’re one of the first fifty people to pitch, you’ll take home your fluffy Glodina beach flannel as a memento.

A note here from our production manager……Gray will actually fly over Camps Bay @ 13h00. But if you want to be in the shot, sunning yourself on your Glodina , we’re asking you to please come earlier to help set up. 12h00 would be perfect. Thank you.

And a note to other party people with goodies to share. It’s going to be hot. Appletiser, Ola, Marcels, Bos, Havaianas, Kauai and the creators of our favourite makes of sunblock: Do you read us? Are you in? Can we already tag you in the shot? Over and out.

Today is Valentine’s day and we’re completely in love with Glodina for being bok for the jol, as we like to say in these parts.

We wanted to tell you more about why the G factor is something special when it comes to choosing a towel.

Listen up.

Glodina is the leading maker of quality towels and flannel products in South Africa. Over the past 60 years, Glodina has become a household name not only as the top supplier of towels to top South African retailers, but also as a respected supplier of the best towels in the top hotels and guest houses. You know those beautiful, thick, heavy ‘hotel’ towels?  You can bet they’re Glodina.

‘With prized Glodina Black Label brands such as Glodina Beach, Soft Touch and Marathon Snag Proof, our company has become synonymous with uncompromising commitment to towel quality, affordable luxury and durability. Whilst award winning towel products drive our business, Glodina’s success is about people – the customers we serve and the 440 employees whose dedication to excellence has helped build the company.They served our company and you for an average of 23 years. Glodina has reciprocated by actively supporting and empowering its staff. Innovation, development and training are the cornerstones of the Glodina philosophy.’

Sure. But to sum up, we think Glodina are just plain nice.

For more on Glodina:

Images by Gray Malin.