As we move towards a more informed and sustainably aware society, we’re starting to look at new and innovative approaches to a greener lifestyle.

Solar Panels or PV Panels as they’re known (Solar Photovoltaic Panels) are becoming an increasingly popular solution for homes and businesses. Try and frame it as such, it’s preferable to not rent your car or house, so why rent your electricity?

A solar energy solution gives homes and businesses the opportunity to be in complete control of their energy supply; meaning that when there are power cuts and you have a functional, solar energy solution installed (with storage), your lifestyle or business is not affected. If you’re costing an installation out on a long-term basis, you will also be saving significant amounts of money as traditional energy costs accrue. Most importantly, you have the benefit of uninterrupted energy when power cuts kick in.

The great thing about a solar panel solution when you choose Enel Energy South Africa is that it’s warrantied and low maintenance. Your solar panels are serviced once a year with the first year’s maintenance worked into your installation fees.

Much like a car windscreen, if your solar panels are dirty, they won’t be operating at maximum efficiency. Though a once a year cleaning might be sufficient, there are exceptions, if you live in dusty conditions or in area where birdlife is prevalent, you can expect to have your solar panels cleaned more regularly; on the whole however, solar panels are very robust.

There are two variants of kits Enel Energy South Africa offers – the YouPower Sun Storage and the YouPower Sun. The YouPower Sun Storage works with PV Panels, and an inverter (an inverter converts DC to AC electricity) combined with a Tesla Powerwall™ battery. Your PV Panels absorb solar power from the day’s sunlight, which then feeds into the inverter that feeds the Tesla Powerwall™ battery. You can then use this stored energy during peak hour electricity periods (mornings and evenings), saving you money, as you aren’t drawing electricity off the traditional grid.


The YouPower Sun kit operates differently, your PV Panels absorb solar energy during daylight hours and feed into an inverter which feeds your power supply, but your energy isn’t stored, you can only use your solar power as it’s being produced, you can power everything in your home during the PV production period, but you’ll move back onto the traditional grid in the evenings or when generation is not sufficient to meet your consumption.

With both kits, your power supply is managed by a unique dashboard system called YouPower Omni, which lets you monitor your power consumption and production in real-time. You can monitor the amount of power being produced, where your power is being used and it even provides a weather forecast, which will enable you to plan your solar power usage in the event of bad weather patterns.

Installing an Enel Energy South Africa solar power solution will not only allow you to lead a more sustainable lifestyle but it also boosts the value of your home and will safe-guard you against electricity price hikes.



For further information, take a look at the website and an Energy Expert will get in touch and will provide you with a free energy assessment on-site at your home or business! Boost the value of your home or business, safe-guard yourself against power cuts and lead a more sustainable life with Enel Energy South Africa.

Visit their Facebook page @EnelEnergySA, you’ll find us on Twitter @EnelEnergySA or LinkedIn at Enel Energy South Africa.

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