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Energy Saving Squirrel Cage Light Bulb from Hoi P'loy

Saving energy whilst being stylish is something we are very fond of at DECO, and nothing could do that better than the Energy Saving Squirrel Cage Bulb from Hoi P’loy.

It is a contemporary version of the traditional Squirrel Cage bulb but is now energy efficient. The Compact Fluorescent Lamp light bulb is based on the romantic styling of the Hoi P’loy classic Edison filament bulbs. It is a low energy option that generally uses one-fifth to one-third of the electric power and lasts up to 15 times longer than a normal incandescent light bulb.

The Energy Saving Squirrel Cage Bulb has some amazing qualities:

  • They consume as little as  7.7 Watts of energy when used (that’s 13 times less than normal incandescent light bulbs).
  • They last over 25 000 hours  (that’s almost 12 years at 6 hours a day).
  • They’re dimmable (*with approved dimmers).
  • They emit a warm, low-light, romantic amber glow that can’t be beaten.

Are you passionate about your environment? In what ways are you energy efficient?

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Images supplied by Hoi P’loy