Workers placing the maples trees in Westminster Abbey

Being the decor obsessives that we are, our most magical moment during the royal wedding was seeing the 20-foot tall trees lining the aisles of Westminster Abbey.

Shane Connolly's floral designs for the royal wedding

Floral designer Shane Connolly’s choice of English field maples was in response to Kate’s request for a country garden look created using sustainably sourced greenery. What better way to implement this idea than having a living avenue of indigenous English trees stretching towards the Gothic vaulted ceilings? The bright green of the maples brought the ancient grey abbey to life.

The Ceremony

The planters were made by artisans on the Prince of Wales’ Highgrove Estate. You’ll be happy to know that after the wedding, the trees found a permanent new home back at the estate, whose inspired gardens adhere to strict organic and sustainable methods.

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