Whether you’re entering the photography or styling industry or just curious to find out more from our experts, this one’s for you. Photography duo, The Seppi’s, multi-talented photographer and stylist Henrique Wilding, and our very own décor stylist Sanri Pienaar chat to us about where they started and how far they’ve come in their professions. We also discuss the importance of being business savvy, working with people and common misconceptions associated with working in the media industry.

Seema and Taariq, known as The Seppis, both studied photography at Ruth Prowse School of Art which lead them both to working for Woolworths. About a year ago they made the decision to team up and become freelance photographers.  They explain working together as a creative couple while dating, where the name ‘The Seppis’ comes from, their processes for different clients, and art direction. They also chat about shooting models as apposed to decor and the various challenges that comes with this.

Watching and learning from other people is probably the best thing you can do

–  Taariq

The Seppis – Taariq and Seema

Make yourself invaluable to the team. Find that gap and focus on it

– Seema

Henrique is an interesting individual and excels in both photography and styling which is a very unusual in the industry. She studied photography for four years at Pen Tech which now falls under CPUT, and often had to style her own shoots when starting out so learnt most of the tricks of the trade on her own.

 My whole theory about styling is that everything needs to compliment each other

– Henrique

Henrique Wilding

People don’t often know the time and research that has gone into a picture

– Bielle

Sanri joined ELLE Decoration fresh out of varsity as an intern, having studied fashion design and graphic design. She was not planning on becoming a stylist but was drawn to the beautiful aesethics of the magazine.  Her biggest tip to those starting out is to just say yes to everything even when you don’t know what you’re doing – this will get you a lot further than you think.

Sanri Pienaar

If you try hard, enough you can do anything

– Sanri

So what exactly is the biggest misconception about being a stylist or a photographer? Everyone agrees that a lot of romanticising takes place when people think of the industry but this is far from the truth.  There is a lot of carting stuff around – short nails, practical hair and takkies are often required to get the job done. Seema and Taariq point out that the need for business sense is often overlooked by people wanting to make a success of themselves in the industry. Being creative is not enough – in order to be a success you need to be business savvy too and know how to market yourself.

You have to love this job in order to have the energy to get it done

– Bielle

For mor advice from our experts and behind the scenes secrets, tune in to our latest podcast here and get the scoop on exactly what happens while shooting a magazine spread.

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