Our Summer Issue is hits shelves next week and a celebration of adventure is on the horizon! Whether it be long road trips to far off destinations or shorter drives exploring your own city, you’re bound to be hitting the road at some point this holiday season so why not do it in style?


Introducing the new Range Rover Evoque Convertible  – the world’s first luxury compact SUV convertible, which combines the bold design and refinement of the Evoque with comprehensive specification and a sophisticated folding roof to create a no compromise, all-season convertible.

As design lovers we especially like that the entire car is customisable from the exterior to the interior with optional features are also available on request. The Evoque Convertible’s eye-catching exterior design is made possible by a sophisticated fabric roof that has been shaped to create a crisply defined silhouette that remains faithful to the original design. Its Z-fold mechanism lays flush with the rear bodywork for a sleek, uncluttered appearance when lowered and the fabric roof is the longest and widest currently fitted to any vehicle on sale today.



At the heart of the high-class cabin is an all-new, high-resolution 10.2-inch touchscreen with Jaguar Land Rover’s next-generation InControl Touch Pro infotainment system, which debuts in a Land Rover. Raising the standard of connectivity for the brand, the highly responsive and super-fast InControl Touch Pro offers seamless smartphone integration, door-to-door navigation, a premium sound system, as well as wireless and 3G connectivity.

The Range Rover Evoque Convertible is a unique combination of design leadership and world-class engineering that adds another dimension to the Range Rover Evoque name, further enhancing its desirability and appeal.

The ground breaking and distinctive shape of the original Range Rover Evoque lends itself to an elegant convertible design and the new model sits at the pinnacle of the Evoque portfolio as the most exclusive and capable convertible in the world.

Safety hasn’t been overlooked with a Roll-Over Protection Device featuring deployable rollover bars hidden in the rear bodywork. It deploys two aluminium bars within 90 milliseconds in the unlikely event of a rollover situation to create a survival space for occupants.


In the spirit of adventure and exploration, Range Rover Evoque has joined forces with local celebrities and influencers on the #CityEvoquation campaign showcasing the magical wonders of Johannesburg. Follow #CityEvoquation to see the journey around the city with Ayanda Nhlapo (Fashionista), Charl Olivier (Photographer), Thando Thabete (Radio DJ) and the keen eyed Deen Schroeder (Photographer).


Images courtesy of Range Rover


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