Source: Sandy Warner

Bathroom Butler, manufacturers of top-end stainless steel bathroom accessories and heated towel rails, recently spoke to Cape Town based Sanware Specification Specialist Sandy Warner and go-to-architect Robyn Connors who has provided valuable insight into creating your dream bathroom this festive season.

“Renovating your bathroom is possibly the most rewarding renovation you will do in your home, but it is also one of the toughest. Your bathroom is invariably in the private inner sanctuary of your house and a full renovation where the bathroom is stripped bare, is very invasive. Expect delays, noise, dust and loads of subcontractors, says Sandy.

Every trade will work in this space – the builder, tiler, plumber, electrician and cabinet maker are all part of the journey towards a new living bathing space. This is a space that is functional as well as beautiful, which offers the calm place required for the rituals of elimination, cleansing, beautifying and in addition a room for calm meditation or intimacy.

Beautiful bathrooms offer so much more than just the basics. Beautiful bathrooms incorporate both good, illuminating lighting and soft, mood lighting. They might include music, views of the outdoors, plants, beautiful luxury soaps and fragranced bath oils, magnifying mirrors and other useful accessories such as the Bathroom Butler heated towel rails which will not only keep your towels hygienically dry but will also keep your family safe from bacterial microorganisms associated with damp or wet towels.

Where to begin? It is daunting. If one can use the services of a specialist designer, or architect or draftsperson, then this is strongly recommended. Only once you have the plans in hand and know the available space that you have, for the various stations, can you venture out to choose your bathroom sanitary-ware, mixers, tiles and accessories.

A few pointers;

  • Opt for larger showers and smaller baths, particularly where water usage is an issue.
  • Always sit in a bath before you make your final purchase decision.
  • Consider whether there is space for a neat shelf for storage.
  • Showers are most functional when they have an overhead and a hand-held shower option
  • When considering storage in the shower, there are various shower shelf or basket options.

“Carefully consider your vanity options and note that a slimmer slab fascia is popular and integrated basin slabs are dominating, and for good reason. Vanity design varies and will depend on the mood you want to create. Basin choice affects the mixer you require, and this can increase your cost if you need a tall or off-wall mixer option. Awareness, with regard your product selection, is key to keeping to your budget and ensuring functionality.” says Sandy.