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The Friendly Barter is a collaboration of sharing and borrowing with a community of like minded individuals. This with an eclectic approach, adds to a powerful design in colours. For example, berry-toned pinks and reds combined with lime adds an unpredictable richness.

To find out what is trending in the world of colours, we interviewed Sonica Bucksteg, colour expert and communications manager at Dulux.  Apart from providing colour support and insight to Dulux, Sonica offers creative direction based on colour trend research.

Where does your daily inspiration come from? People – I am constantly inspired by all the different people who have entered my life. Every person that is or has been part of my life has contributed by sharing their knowledge, viewpoints and wisdom.

What are the 2015 trends in terms of colour, techniques and space? Our colour of the year is Copper Orange which is a perfect reflection of a warmth in attitude and a renewed emphasis on our relationships with one another and our environment.

Elle Decoration SA
The copper-inspired, fleshy orange tones and robust dusty earth hues reflects a more positive global outlook.

In terms of techniques, we are being more adventurous and exciting this year, capturing the mood with clever paint techniques. Dulux’s Big Nature + Small Me trend mimics the flow of nature with ombre walls, and the Layer+Layer trend add a sense of depth with soft layering of clusters. Either way, multiple colours on a single wall are the way to go.

When looking at space, the trick is to look everywhere. Previously overlooked areas such as corners under stairs, can now be attention drawers. The Dulux + Unseen Spaces trends showcases how the use of trompe l’oeil and optical illusion can make a virtue out of negative space, creating beauty and use where previously there was none.

What has been your local and international involvement in colour trend forecasting? Since 2010 I have attended the AkzoNobel’s Global Aesthetic Centre in Amsterdam, contributing to the ColourFutures™ trend forecast, by sharing main stream trends from a local perspective. I derive these insights from a broad spectrum of social economic factors, social media movements, consumer behaviour, pop culture, the work of local creatives and respected trend experts.

Elle Decoration SA
Sonica Bucksteg for Dulux

Tell us more about ColourFutures™ which you mentioned before. ColourFutures™ is an exciting annual book that holds the trend concepts for the year. Independent experts and our internal team meet to discuss key trends for eighteen months ahead. The output from this session is a number of conceptual trend ideas or directions, of which the Aesthetic Centre feels will have global resonance. The main ColourFutures™ workshop then brings together our most senior internal colour experts from around the world, who then spend three days distilling the broad trend concepts into the trend stories and palettes contained in the annual edition of ColourFutures™.

Synergistic creativity has such a positive effect, colour can reinstate a communities pride and allow the freedom to express who we are.

What is trending at Dulux this year? There is always something exciting happening at Dulux. This year we launched the Him+Her and Friendly Barter themes. Him + Her explores and celebrates how masculine and the feminine can complement each other. The colour palette is expressive with traditional feminine hues of damson, powder pink and cream combined with masculine khaki, slate grey and teal. Classic and understated, yet sure of itself. Here colour combinations are simple and tone-on-tone, embracing the atmospheric quality of a single colour or the perfect partnership of similar shades.

Sonica’s passion for colour, music, fashion, art and architecture have manifested throughout her career, making her a perfect match for a reputable brand like Dulux. DECO recognises the approachable personality of Dulux and the genuine care for people and the environment, while providing “the most loved paint in South Africa”.

dedulux in shape

For more information visit Dulux online. If you need advice on colour trends tweet us at @Elle_Deco and we will get you some expert advice!

Compiled by Megan Schumann