The Dulux Colour Futures collection for 2016 will transform your home.

Don’t try fool yourself, getting your home in its ultimate form takes more than just a slick of paint. However, with the right paint in the right space, wonders will occur. DECO spoke to Nonkululeku Mcunu, Brand Manager of Dulux Interior, to find out what you need to know before putting on your overalls.


Top 5 tips when painting your living room?

1. Lighting: When it comes to choosing a colour that best suits your interior, it’s vital to consider the source of light– whether daytime or night time.  It’s best to ‘live’ with the colour for a couple of days and view it at different times of the day. Decide when you will be using the room the most, then settle on the shade that looks good at that time of the day.


2. Tester: Buy and tint a 1L Dulux Acrylic PVA tester and paint over the wall or on a board and view vertically against the wall. Display the board on various walls to get an impression of how the selected colour will fit based on lighting conditions and other décor element to ensure you have the perfect shade you want.

3. Preparation: For a flawless finish preparation is a key step that is often overlooked and is important to ensure that your walls are ready to serve as a sound canvas to showcase the colours that define your unique style. Ensure that your surfaces are free from dust, dirt, grease and oil and fill all imperfections with appropriate filler, followed by suitable primers /undercoats for a sound surface.


4. Break it up. To create different zones in an open plan environment, base each area around a focal element such as signature sofa or a statement rug and repeat colour to create balanced.

5. Play it safe. If you are unsure of which colours to use, neutrals serve as the best starting point to create the perfect colour scheme, before creating unique expressions with feature colours to complement your décor elements.


What kind of paint is best suited for:

Bathrooms: You can reinvent your bathroom walls, trims and doors with the contemporary smoothness of Dulux PearlGlo™ Water-Based. Versatile and durable, this non-yellowing water-based formulation provides versatility, easy clean up and is also low odour.

Kitchens: Dulux Luxurious Silk™ would be the ideal to complement your home décor expression between your kitchen and living spaces in an open plan environment; protecting your walls with its supreme Wash & Wear™ Technology, its versatility and durability is steam, grease and stain resistant.

Bedrooms: Transform your bedroom into your ultimate style expression with the timeless touch of elegance with Dulux Luxurious Silk™, an exquisite interior wall coating with a smooth mid sheen finish or you can add that finishing touch with Dulux Rich Matt™.

The Dulux 2016 #ColourFutures book is packed with colour inspiration and trends

What are the top colour trends for living rooms this season?
Our Colour Futures collection for 2016 is perfect inspiration for living rooms. The palette is muted and sophisticated, centred on soft mid tone shades with a warm feeling. This palette is friendly but there is a dark  mysterious side – think of coral not orange and midnight not blue. The main theme is ‘Looking both ways’ and simultaneously collaborate traditional, current and future innovations.

NONNIE To get the best advice, you need to consult the best. Nonkululeku Mcunu, better known as Nonnie, is the Brand Manager for Dulux Interior, and knows a thing or two about hues and tones. Get the accurate insight from your nearest Dulux retailer and follow them on Twitter at @DuluxSA.


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