We will always be fascinated, not just by the homes of the stylish, but particularly by the homes of those in the business of style. 

We figure if style is your job and homes are reflections of the people who live in them, there should be some interesting similarities between what they do and how they live, right? Take a peek into the stylish homes of these fashion industry pros and see if you can guess what they do for a living before finding out below.

Mel Holmes, Stylist, Madewell

Welcome to the doll house ⭐️⭐️⭐️Cupid and I during warmer times via @manrepeller ❄️

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Aurora James: Accessories designer, Brother Vellies

There are so many things I love and appreciate about the wonderful @manrepeller feature this week on my apartment #thebaxterproject but I loved this following question the most, I think because it took me back to a time and space where I had a lot of fear about what was coming in my life, would I do the work I wanted to do and have success, would I be able to support myself (well), would I find a relationship that didn’t feel wildly unbalanced….I probably worried a lot more than most young women ever should, but I’m here to say that while the worrying never completely goes away (not if you keep wanting things and scrambling out on limbs), you do begin to feel more at home in yourself and in your place in the world…which is why your space, small as it may be, matters so much. No matter how much money you have or don’t have, make a point to put your personal mark on a space…it will make you remember the time more vividly and remind you of who you are whenever you see that little thing that made your shitty little apartment feel like a REAL home. ❤️Q: For someone young and broke and trying to nest, what are your top three tips for buying for the home? A: “I vividly remember my first apartment where I lived alone. It was a tiny studio on the Upper East Side, and I could barely make the rent by myself, but I took such pride in making it my own. I went down to Soho on a special trip just to find a few things to “anoint” the space. I bought a hand-carved wind chime and a gray soapstone bowl, and I remember how empowering it felt to decide where to put them. These two small purchases showed me the value of living with intention and approaching home decor from a thoughtful, conscious mindset, which has never failed to guide me to the right things. I still have both items.” #spaceinvaders #roomsaroundmyworld #homecoming

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Christene Barberich: Editor in Chief, Refinery29

Anne-Aurelie Lili Pillet, French Costume Designer based in London

Kat Typeldos, Stylist in New York

Andrea Kerbuski, Blogger at Blonde Bedhead